Wednesday, February 26, 2014



Well here we are. Week one of Beck watch. Not a bad showing on adds by any means with 137. However thats only 44% of reporting stations. Seems kind of low right? This happens when you have a BIG NAME going for adds. Some stations take it upon themselves to say, well they don't need MY help so they don't add the record. In comparison though Dum Dum Girls had 159 adds in their add week with 60% of reporters.  I kind of thought Beck would blow that out of the water.  Not to say I think anything less of the Beck record I still think it will go #1 but this is a sign of maybe it not being as powerful as I thought It would be.  In addition to the big add week Beck comes in at #42.  I am thinking it might take another week for Beck to jump all the way to #1.  The other notable add this week was Phantogram coming in at a solid #2 with 101 ADDS. If not for Beck I would say they had a real chance at #1. The fun is coming the next few weeks with Real Estate and St. Vincent both going for ADDS soon. Should be fun to watch.

Dum Dum Girls not only remained #1 this week but the gap between 1 and 2 ( Broken Bells) got even wider.  Sure the window is there for Broken Bells I really thought they would need a BIG week this week in order to make a run at #1 though. The big question to me though is what happens if Dum Dum Girls continues to gain stations. How many records can they keep out of #1?  This next week is very important before we get into the spring break/ SXSW cycle of not knowing what stations are going to be reporting week to week, and also not knowing if those charts are recharts from previous weeks.

I am just making the case that Dum Dum Girls could keep Beck out. It even becomes more likely as other big records get pushed up there.  When stations have to choose if they think Beck, Real Estate, St. vincent or Dum Dum Girls is the "best" a lot of the time they end up charting all of them and we end up with very small margins for error.  

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