Wednesday, February 05, 2014


You can't stop Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings you can only hope to contain them! I think the most impressive thing about this run is that the number of stations charting her keeps on going up. Also It is not like there are not other contenders. We saw Damien Juardo and Mowai race up the charts and it was never even that close.  That should all come to an end next week when Dum Dum Girls ( last weeks #1 add) over takes that spot. You don't jump from #54 to #2 and stall in most cases.

It is really looking up for  Sub-Pop early on this year with Mogwai, Dum Dum Girls and this weeks #3 add Thumpers.  Overall there are 5 Sub Pop records charting 2 in the top 5. Not a bad way to start the year off.

This weeks #1 add was from Band Of Horses 90 adds is good but I would guess it has little to no chance in challenging for the top spot later on.

As a promoter I always try and take time out and listen to what else is out there, stuff I am not working.  As you know as Music Directors its hard to stay on top of things. I try and ask a lot of you what you are listening to. A lot of the time they will tell me about my records but I really REALLY want to know about whats good. So I don't have to listen to everything like you do!

Here is what I like recently. That new Against Me! is fantastic. I am happy so many stations are playing it as it seems like it would be a bit outside of some stations comfort zone.  #16 is REAL good perhaps it can get top 10? Might be a stretch but I hope it does.

I actually really like that second Pixies EP. I was having this conversation with a station that was not very familiar with the Pixies and he liked it. It made me wonder if we were hearing all of their songs for the first time would these stand up along side the old stuff? I think they would.

Have heard a lot of people mention they like the new Beck songs so I am looking forward to that record. Let me know what I should listen to!?

This past week I honestly spent a ton of time on old soundtracks, Reality Bites, Judgement Night, Pump up the Volume, Say Anything.  So many good still to go through .

We should continue this conversation on line @theanimalarrg

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