Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Happy Presidents day chart week. It amazes me how many people worked on Presidents day. Like so much is going to happen in college radio if you don't come in for one day. Anyways I spent my Monday Bowling and not thinking about ADDS for the day. It was fantastic. These Monday holidays do have some impact on the charts though, some stations don't report and some that do end up sending in the same report as before.  Not as many as you would see on say MLK day but we did end up seeing less reporters this week than last week. Not a huge amount but still down in the time of year where we should be seeing more reporters every week. I would guess next week we would see another uptick.

It is no shock that Dum Dum Girls is still #1. Like I mentioned last week I think they will hold it for some time. While the number of people reporting went down the number of people reporting Dum Dum Girls still went up. Next week should be another easy week for them. Then It could get interesting.  

Last week I spent a lot of time talking about what we should expect from Broken Bells and well I did not see this coming. They come in at #5 this week! Angel Olsen also had a good week coming in at #11.  These are the two records that could challenge for #1 in the upcoming weeks. However the gap is still pretty big between Dum Dum Girls and Broken Bells, so much so that I see more of a chance of Angel Olsen catching up with Broken Bells before Broken Bells catches up with Dum Dum Girls.  It will be interesting to watch for sure.

This weeks #1 add was ANOTHER Sub Pop record. It seems like only a short time ago when every Sub Pop record was just doing average at best and now all of a sudden it seems like every Sub Pop record is again #1 most added and a contender for #1.  I guess everything goes through cycles, even Sub Pop.   Notwist also comes in at #133 on the charts, so not a HUGE debut so I have my doubts it will challenge for #1.

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