Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Well look who decided to show up. You guys! Welcome back so many of you. I can't tell you how boring college radio can be when there are only 100 something reporters. Not that it was ever THAT bad it just is so much more fun when we are closer to 300 than 200.  This week we jump all the way up to 284 reporters!  Hopefully next week over 300.. maybe one day we can get over 400? ehh... maybe not.. but that would be fantastic.

Last week as you may recall we had a new number one with Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and a charging Damien Jurado. I really thought that given the jump from 50 to 4 that Damien had a real shot at #1 this week.  He did go up but only to #3 and Blood Orange held strong at #2 while Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings got even STRONGER in the #1 spot.  Again I think this is a perfect storm of a good story, GREAT timing and a good record. Thats how you grab #1.

This weeks #1 add was the Dum Dum Girls taking in over 60% of stations doing ADDS. If we could bet on the charts I would put money on this going #1 VERY soon.   The question is then, is there enough time for someone else to get #1 before Dum Dum Girls takes it.

We have Damien Jurado at #3 with a very valid chance, there is Mogwai ( last weeks #1 add) making the big jump from #85 to #6. Could Toy have a shot? They did jump from #19 to #9 this week. I really think those are our only contenders. It looks like if any of these records have a chance it has to come next week as in 2 weeks I have no doubt Dum Dum Girls will be #1.  Damien Jurado has the smallest jump to make so you have to take them seriously but Mogwai ( also on Sub Pop) has a lot of momentum.  Or Could Sharon Jones just keep on killing it gaining more stations as they come back.

Should be a lot of fun to see what happens this next week.  Aside for the rase for #1 this is an exciting time of year as all the new records push out all the old records.  A lot of last weeks ADDS are already in the mid 30's, James Vincent Mcmorrow, Young the Giant, Agaisnt Me, HABiBi. I wish the old stuff would go away faster but It does happen faster this time of year than any other.

Is it too early to talk about SXSW? Will I see you there?  I hope so!

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