Tuesday, January 14, 2014


A NEW #1 record! Now it really feels like the new year has begun.  A fantastic run from Arcade Fire!!! I wonder how long they will stick around? Currently they are on week #9. I would not be shocked if they made it to 30+ weeks.  What do you think?  

Finally Blood Orange was able to push Arcade Fire aside and claim #1. I know last week I said I did not know what to expect from Sharon Jones but wow... #2 and already #1 on AAA. With Blood Orange on the older side of things I just think Sharon Jones should be able to take it pretty easily this next week and what a great story that is. Coming back from cancer to put out another fantastic record. I can't say anything negative about that at all.  

I don't really see anything else competing for #1 next week. It should either be Blood Orange or Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings 

The number one ADD for the week was Damien Jurado, beating #2 easily and grabbing 100 adds in a week with just over 200 reporters thats pretty impressive.  He has a nice debut as well this week, nothing like Sharon last week but still pretty good.  

I always feel like its the MLK weekend that really signals the start of the new radio year.  Thats when we go from 1 or 2 really good adds from all the promotion companies and labels to almost 1 "big" add for everyone.  So just prepare yourself to hear the phrase "best record ever" about 50 times a day starting next week. Or do yourself a favor and take Monday off!

In other news, I am excited to announce that I am headed back to NYC in March!  Hoooray! 

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