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Mysteriously this week some stations who's subscriptions ended were turned back on by CMJ. I had numerous stations reaching out to me asking me what was going on as, to the surprise of no one, CMJ had done little ( nothing) to communicate to the stations why this was being done. Apparently it is a 3-4 week deal. If I were a station though I doubt I would be giving any money to an organization that refuses to return any of my emails or phone calls... scratch that there is no phone.  I get emails from stations weekly asking me what is going on with CMJ and I promise you if I hear anything concrete I will let you know.

In the process of CMJ going AWOL we have seen the number of reporting stations drop to lows I have never seen before.  If we look at 2015 there were 414 reporting stations.
83 of them have a weight of 1
102 have a weight of 2
125 have a weight of 3
83 have a weight of 4
17 have a weight of 5
3 have a weight of 6

If weights are new to you: Each station is given a weight of 1-6.  6 being the largest stations like a KEXP OR KCRW and the 1's being most internet only stations such as LASR.

When I look at 2016 so far the stations we are losing are the smaller ones. The overall losses from the 4, 5,6 weighted stations is only 4 stations. While the losses from the 1,2, 3 are 37 stations.

But thats just the tip of the iceberg if you look at how rapidly we are losing stations in 2016 thats where the trend becomes troublesome in the last 4 weeks only 247 stations have reported ( adds and or charts) 129 lost this year alone!

Lets again compare where the losses are happening. from the 4, 5, 6 group, they have lost 19 stations.
From the 1, 2, 3 they have lost 110 stations!  Its staggering to see the losses happen so fast. But that is what happens when there is one organization that a whole industry depends on and they stop doing their job, except to publish a chart. But what good is a chart if it only holds a fraction of the information that it used to?  I find it very troubling and as someone that loves and depends on college radio I am very concerned.

Well onto the charts!

Lets start with he Spinitron charts where we see Paul Simon taking the number one spot!
Last week we saw Radiohead there and #1 on the top 200. So could we see Paul Simon take that spot on the top 200?  Lets take a look at the top five

12416JAMES BLAKEThe Colour In AnythingRepublic
21117RADIOHEADA Moon Shaped PoolXL
4813043PAUL SIMONStranger To StrangerConcord
51415153KILLSAsh And IceDomino

You will notice a new #1 with James Blake taking his first ever #1. Paul Simon at #4 in its 3 week is pretty impressive. Kristin Kontrol 5 weeks on the chart might start to show some age this next week but still should have some juice.  The Kills continue to climb pretty quickly as well.  Radiohead drops out but apparently they just sent out hard copies so could that come back? 

The charts 1-20 show very little difference. The #5 record has more stations than the #1 record. The #9 record has the same amount of stations as the #4 record. The #18 record has more than the #10 record.  This is where a chart showing us the average chart position of each record would be so helpful. The thing is when these charts are this tight if there were more stations you could use some of those 37 missing stations to help move your record without relying so much on 1 or 2 core stations. The less small stations there are the more important each core station becomes.  On Tuesdays I refresh the reporting list countless times waiting to see if KCRW is going to report this week as if they do it could mean as much as 15 or more 1 weighted stations. 

This weeks ADDS were pretty interesting.  We had Mitski, Deerhoof, case/lang/veirs, Peter Bjorn and John, Mogwai, Jake Bugg, and of course many others all going for adds.  

187DEERHOOFThe Magic!Polyvinyl
279MITSKIPuberty 2Dead Oceans
447PETER BJORN AND JOHNBreakin' PointKobalt
In the end as you see Deerhoof took the top spot. Largely I think due to an Indie working the record. But I would not be surprised to see Mitski eventually top everyone on this list. Could we see 2 non indie records take #1 in the same summer? I would not be shocked.  

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