Wednesday, June 08, 2016


For the second week in a row we dip under the 200 station barrier for reporters.  Part of it for sure is that it is summer time but another part is that stations simply cannot renew their subscription. I have talked to no less than 3 stations that have tried to renew online and the form does not work. Upon it not working they have attempted to find a phone number, none are listed, and have emailed all the emails they have. No one has returned those emails. I myself have sent emails that have yet to be answered.  I feel like if any station is going to be  paying hundreds of dollars they should be getting something out of it.

But at least the charts still exist. This week Radiohead takes the #1 spot from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. These days it is pretty rare that a record makes it to #1 without an Indie also working it. Add that to the fact that the record is all digital and this is quite an achievement. It is Radiohead and I am not sure any artist could do it but still it is pretty fantastic.

James Blake makes a move up to #4 and Fruit Bats up to #5. The #1 spot seems to be up for grabs in a few weeks so you could still see one of these records make the move. Twin Peaks, Kristin Kontrol also have shots. It is a bit more difficult to see what the charts might do with so few stations reporting.

On the ADDS side of things the Kills take the #1 spot with 77 ADDS. Another week under 100 adds and another week with the #1 most added record taking less than half the adds. I imagine there will be something big within the next few weeks that will jump everything though.

To me the Kills are an interesting band. They have been around since 2000 and have always done "well"  lets see what kind of history we can find on the internet at college radio..

The first record came out in April of 2003. "Keep on your Mean Side" dominated Adds that week

That debut record would eventually peak at #9

The next record "No Wow" came out in 2005 and because there is no one to contact at CMJ to get me info its difficult to find all the info I need but I did find that the record peaked at #4 that year. 

Sadly I cannot find archive information for the last 2 records. But I do have the #1's and #1 most added and cannot find them listed there at all. Well it was interesting for a second! I should take all this out but I am leaving it. Enjoy. .

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