Wednesday, June 01, 2016


Memorial Day has come and gone and we are into the summer reporting season.  This week every year produces one of the lowest reporting turnouts. Last year we went from 227 to 197. The year before 228 to 214. This year we go from 206 to 173, by far one of the lowest reporting turn outs for a week that isn't the first week of the year. I was starting to think about what the 4th of July week will be like.  The last time reporting was on the 4th there was downturn of 50 stations, the last time the 4th was on a Tuesday they took the reporting week off. Will be interesting to see what happens.  I hope to see a rebound next week.   

This week King Gizzard held strong at #1 with Radiohead at #2. I could go into more detail but with so few stations reporting you can't put much faith that any trend will be upheld next week. Still worth keeping an eye on James Blake, Fruit Bats, Twin Peaks. Kristin Kontrol looks to be in a good position coming in at 17 after the ADD week. These next few weeks will be interesting to watch to see if any trends emerge from the low reporting of ADDS.  Car Seat Headrest comes in with the top debut of the week at #39 after missing ADDS completely.

Looking at the Spinitron  chart we see that overwhelmingly the Radiohead record is doing the best, to me thats no surprise but seeing James Blake in the #2 spot makes me think we should be looking at them as a serious contender. While if the playing fields were even I think Radiohead would of been #1 by now, with James Blake having the addition of a outside indie working the record we could see a run.  Remember that the last record to get to #1 without an outside indie was Yo La Tengo over 3years ago. So it does not happen very often. 

Short one this week with the short week but thank you for reading! Your friend Foug. 

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