Wednesday, May 06, 2015


Long live Courtney Barnett.

A solid month at #1.  Blocking the likes of Sufjan Stevens and Modest Mouse and perhaps even Waxahatchee. There were a couple weeks where it seemed close at times but most of the weeks were no brainers.

Now we await the potential run from Alabama Shakes. #1 most added last week and already #3 this week. Can anything get in their way?  Lets look forward to who might be contending for that #1 spot over the rest of May.

Currently Waxahatchee at #2, but Alabama shakes has a ton of momentum jumping all the way to #3 the week after the ADD week. The chances of it stalling out are pretty low but lets remember Modest Mouse the week after adds was #5.  But the buzz and reviews for Alabama Shakes seem to be more positive than they were for Modest Mouse so the chances of that happening are pretty low.

We also have Toro Y Moi at #5, Speedy Ortiz at #7, Mikal Cronin at #9 and Built to spill at #10.

The biggest gap though in terms of number of stations seems to be between #6 and #7 right now.  Everything in the top 6 is within 15 or so stations but the gap between #6 and #7 is an additional 15 stations.  I do think that we should see some of these older records start to clear out with the chances of any real significant improvement on chart number very low.

Then we have this weeks ADDS.  It was a battle that in the end was only separated by 1 station. ONE ADD. So if this station

1. DJANGO DJANGO Born Under Saturn
2. ALABAMA SHAKES Sound And Color
3. HELIO SEQUENCE The Helio Sequence
4. BLUR The Magic Whip
5. SOLEY Ask The Deep

had decided to add My Morning Jacket instead of an add that went for adds LAST WEEK there could of been a tie. 

or this station 

1. GIANT SAND Heartbreak Pass
2. ALABAMA SHAKES Sound And Color
3. BEST COAST California Nights
4. BUILT TO SPILL Untethered Moon
5. BLUR The Magic Whip

or this station

1. MARCUTIO Redline2. U2 Songs Of Innocence

So think about that when you do adds.  

In this case will ADD position be a predictor of success. I have no idea. Both Blur and My Morning Jacket are big college radio bands.  Its really too close to call for me. What do you guys think? 

Lets talk about it on Twitter. 

Lets predict the #'1s of the summer. 

I think Alabama Shakes takes it next, and will hold it for 3 weeks. before My Morning Jacket takes it for 2 weeks. 

AT that point I have no idea what else will be out there.  I could see a scenario where both Blur and My Morning Jacket have a few weeks each at #1 though. I do not see any of the other records in the top 10 though making a run.  

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