Wednesday, May 13, 2015

College Radio Recap. CMJ Issue 1392 Week 19

I am limited on time this week as I am headed down to Philadelphia for the AAA conference NonComm 

Actually one of my favorite conferences of the year as you get a lot of one on one time with people and its all in once place. 

But let us take a quick look at what happened at college radio this week. 

We have a new number one with Alabama Shakes taking the reigns from Courtney Barnett. What a run by her though!  Will we see a run similar with Alabama Shakes? This next week there looks to be no one close enough with last weeks top adds coming in at #11 and #14 so they seem to be at least 2 weeks away from contending. 

The crazy take away from this weeks chart is that every record in the top 7 has over half of the reporting stations charting it. In previous years having 50% of the charters meant you were in the running for #1. Now it might not even be enough to get into the top 5.  Also the difference between #20 and #10 is almost double. There are some huge gaps there. 

While it was not a blockbuster ADD week it had to of been somewhat fun/ frustrating to be one of the top four records going for adds.  In the end we have a 2 way tie and we could of had a 4 way tie! 

172ICKY BLOSSOMSMaskSaddle Creek
272HELIO SEQUENCEThe Helio SequenceSub Pop
369ELVIS DEPRESSEDLYNew AlhambraRun For Cover
468JACCO GARDNERHypnophobiaPolyvinyl
Look at how close that is! 

I would of loved a four way tie.  

Thanks for reading. Next week will also be a brief recap as I am headed to Punk rock bowling! 

check it out here

I also forgot about birthdays this week!

Caroline from Mute and also birthday is Today ( wed) so if you are in Philly you should buy her a shot.  Caroline was one of my MD's back in the day and also bought my Get up Kids records when I moved to San Francisco. She is a class act!

Tenni from AAM birthday is on XXXX(redacted)  she also helps to  run Medium Rotation  She was also one of my former MD's that loves attention so be sure to call her or text her.. I took out the day of her birthday so be sure to hit her up all week. 

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