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Things are about to get crazy. Let us jump right into it! This week Toro Y Moi continues its reign at #1 with a whopping 61% of stations reporting them. Yo La Tengo continues in the #2 spot and Foxygen up to #3. Remember last week Foxygen had only 48% of the stations but they jump all the way to 55%.

You might also recall last week huge debuts and or moves from Ducktails and Fidlar, also remember that I said they were about to be jumped. In comes last weeks huge add class with Local Natives in at #4, Unknown Mortal Orchestra at #6 and last weeks #1 most added Tegan and Sara in at #10.  So yeah things are about to get intense with every promoter acting like if they don't get what they want their cat will die.  This, to me, is when promoting gets fun. You have 5-6 different records, depending on who you ask, that have a legit shot at going #1 and you have a different company working each of them!  THEN you have some really big records coming the next few weeks! Looks like Distiller put themselves in the best position with Local Natives in at #4 so quickly. I think Next week you will see the top 4 be Toro Y Moi, Local Natives, Tegan and Sara and Yo La Tengo. 

This weeks ADDs race was another close one with Frightened Rabbit beating out Beach Fossils by 3 adds but with neither of them busting the 90 add threshold.  The chance of either of these records getting to #1  with the records that are out there now is small but not impossible.  Even more slim when you take into account the records coming between now and SXSW.  Not every week can bring you 3 records that have a shot at #1 like last week.  

This weeks chart really got me thinking about last week's add week even more. Tegan and Sara squeaked it out at #1 but this week both the #2 and #3 most added record vaulted over them. This tends to happen a lot but what does it mean for that #1 most added record? 

To get a good picture I went back through my records back to 2005. 

In 2005 there were 17 #1 records and of those 10 of them were most Added. This is out of 49 reporting weeks so 32 most added records did not go to #1.  So that means that 58% of the #1 records were also most added but that only 20% of the most added made it to #1 

2006 19#1 records and 10 of those were most added out of 46 weeks. 21% of most added went to #1

2007 15 #1 records and 10 of those were most added out of 47 weeks 21% of most added went to #1

2008 17 #1 records and 11 of those were most added out of 48 weeks 22 % of most added went to #1 

2009 18 #1 records and 14 of those were most added out of 48 weeks 29% of most added went to #1

2010 16 #1 records and 13 of those were most added out of 46 weeks 28% of most added went to #1

2011 22 #1 records and 17 of those were most added out of 49 weeks 34% of most added went to #1 

2012 21 #1 records and 15 of those were most added out of 48 weeks 31% of most added went to #1

So while most of the #1 records were most added, being most added does not strongly indicate that you will go to #1.  With an average of 18 #1 records a year and each #1 record holding that spot for an average of 2.6 weeks it tends to block out a good number of #1 most added.  But it is good to see that over the past 8 years 68% of all #1's have come from being most added.   

There is a lot of data there and In trying to present it as objectively as possible it may make it difficult to comb through.  I will say I am somewhat surprised in seeing that being #1 most added does not lead to being #1 more often but not that surprised that most #1's were most added.  Given the data it and looking at just the last 2 years you can see we are getting more #1's and more of those coming from most added.  To me this looks to be a trend that will not end soon, but only time will tell. 

So lets get back into the data of the charts for the week.  This week there were 32 debuts marking another week of downward trend of debuts.  The number one debut is VERY interesting My Bloody Valentine. With no promoter working it, no label, no hard copies we see a very impressive debut at #30. When I saw this number I thought it had to be all big stations but was very surprised to see the stations playing this record run from the biggest to the smallest with well over half of those being in the top 10.    This weeks biggest jump comes from Yellow Red Sparks with a 124 spot jump! The biggest drop comes from Lamps with a 92 spot drop.  Always my most fun, the records running in place we have our top 3 the same as last week in Toro Y Moi, Yo La Tengo and Foxygen and Ducktails running at #7 

Last weeks Poll question asked what you thought the next #1 record would be with half of you voting for Tegan and Sara and the other half Local Natives.  Pretty good guesses.  

This week I wonder if you can guess the band with the most #1 records since 2005.  

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