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Welcome to another CMJ recap! We had one of the more exciting top ADD's races I have seen in a long time and we will work to dissect why the record that came out on top did so.  We also have a new #1 record in college radio. And after we get through all that,  I thought it would be fun to take a look back and and see what things were like 10 and 5 years ago at CMJ.  Before then last weeks Poll had no clear cut winner so This week we ask What will be the next #1 record be sure to vote!

But first the charts! As I predicted last week Toro Y Moi comes in at #1 with a robust 59% of the stations charting the record! Yo La Tengo actually went up to 53% but was really no match for the momentum Toro Y Moi has right now.  Ra ra Riot got Jumped by Foxygen and Growlers round out the top 5.   

1--Toro Y Moi ( 59%)
2--Yo La Tengo ( 53%)
3--Foxygen (48%)
4--Ra Ra Riot ( 52%)
5--Growlers (41%)

Notice the HUGE drop off from #4 to #5 I think its very likely we see 2 of these records drop out next week.  Thats because last weeks tied adds of FIDLAR and Ducktails are about to join the party. 
FIDLAR is actually our biggest move of the week going a huge 152 spots up the chart! Ducktails actually comes in a bit higher at #7 and impressive 128 spot jump.  Will either of these records get to #1? It is hard to tell but based upon the last several weeks we have to see how they handle the second week in. There are SO many new records coming out that a big debut has become relatively easy. So records are making big 100+ point jumps or top 40 debuts only to see them fall the next week. 
A bunch of the records I have talked about the last few weeks have taken spills in that 2nd week of pushing : Christopher Owens, Free Energy, Bad Religion, Ben Harper,  Nightlands, Bleeding Rainbow, A$AP Rocky ... have all stalled or fallen because of the new records coming in.  In fact EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE RECORDS GAINED STATIONS how crazy is that! Yet they all fell or barely went up.   It's because stations are so excited to have new records to push out the old ones that each round of newer ones does increasingly better than the previous weeks. If past years are any indication, and they tend to be, then the next 4 weeks should see a much more stable chart.  

The last two weeks we have seen 38 and 33 debuts on each chart and this week 34 so lets pay attention to that and see if it goes up or down.  Our biggest drop of the week is Gospel Claw falling 104 spots. And there are NO records that ran in place!  

As I mentioned before this week was a CRAZY add week with 3 big records all pushing for the top spot. So I wanted to spend some time and take you inside a week of going for adds.  We had ( with the pitchfork score) 

Local Natives (8.1) 
Unknown Mortal Orchestra (7.3)
Tegan and Sara (7.3)
Thao & the Get Down Stay down (7.5)

as the three potential records pushing for the top add spot. All with glowing reviews and very different fan bases.   We will start this on Monday Morning when I first checked adds.  
With 44 stations reporting the rundown was 

Unknown Mortal Orchestra--18
Local Natives--16
Tegan and Sara--13
Thao & the Get Down Stay down--9

The next time we checked there were 57 reporters ( 12PM PST ) 

Unknown Mortal Orchestra--21
Local Natives--20
Tegan and Sara--17
Thao & the Get Down Stay down--10

at this point I decided that Thao would not be in the running and would concentrate on the others 

At 1PM with 69 reporters 

Local Natives--29
Unknown Mortal Orchestra--26
Tegan and Sara--24

At 2pm with 74 reporters

Local Natives--30
Unknown Mortal Orchestra--28
Tegan and Sara--28

An hour later there were only 4 more reporters. As this tends to happen Mondays are a bit slow during the day as most stations are talking to promoters and then reporting at night or the next day. The numbers stayed around the same until i checked again  5PM

5PM--with 92 reporters 

Unknown Mortal Orchestra--39
Tegan and Sara--36
Local Natives--35

Lots of changes in day one.  Usually by this point a record will have started to pull away and you kind of know who will be #1 most added.  This week I had NO idea.  So we started it all back up on Tuesday at 5am

5AM with 128 reporters 

Local Natives--57
Unknown Mortal Orchestra--56
Tegan and Sara--56

7AM with 136 reporters 

Unknown Mortal Orchestra--62
Local Natives--61
Tegan and Sara--60

8AM with 152 reporters

Unknown Mortal Orchestra--71
Local Natives--70
Tegan and Sara--70

8:30 AM with 172 reporters 

Local Natives--78
Unknown Mortal Orchestra--77
Tegan and Sara--77

 8:45AM with 177 reporters

Local Natives--82
Tegan and Sara--81
Unknown Mortal Orchestra--80

9:00AM with 186 reporters

Local Natives--87
Tegan and Sara--86
Unknown Mortal Orchestra--87

So here we are with only 2 hours left before charts close with No real idea of who will get #1 most added.  If we were to take a look at previous weeks we should expect around 260-280 stations to report adds With that in mind that means at 9 am there are still around 100 stations left to report . This is around the time you start to see huge jumps in the number of stations reporting. Not sure why more stations do not report on Friday or even the weekend to save themselves the stress but because stations wait until the last minute promoters can have more of an impact on what goes on with  the adds 
As I said it got to be rapid fire at this time 200 stations become 225 became 240 in about a half hour

200 stations 
Tegan and Sara--97
Local Natives--95
Unknown Mortal Orchestra--91

225 stations 
Tegan and Sara--106
Unknown Mortal Orchestra--104
Local Natives--96

241 stations 

Tegan and Sara--118
Local Natives--116
Unknown Mortal Orchestra--105

We finally started to see some separation with just under an hour of reporting left making it a two record race to the finish for the final hour 

252 stations 

Tegan and Sara--127
Local Natives--123
Unknown Mortal Orchestra--111

262 stations 
Tegan and Sara--131
Local Natives--129

and when the dust settled ....

270 stations 
Tegan and Sara--136
Local Natives--132

....Tegan and Sara took the #1 most added crown. 

Again. It comes down to just a few stations. And I bet if we were to have this ADD week another 4 times it would come up differently every time. So I wanted to take a closer look at the numbers.  This week there were 270 reporters and each have 5 adds so that should equal 1350 ADD spots.  However this week only 1302 ADDS were reported. So right there 48 adds went unused, wasted.  The top ADDS list makes up 879 potential adds this week, leaving us with 423 ADDS that did not go towards records on the adds list. With so many companies working so many records its understandable that some adds are going to be ADDed that won't impact the adds chart. This week number of ADDs that did not make the adds chart is 198 meaning that 225 ADD spots were used on old records that are not going for adds. 
When you look at how close that ADD chart was you can see that even 5 of those ADD spots could of put Local Natives ahead.  

There were 44 stations that added Tegan and Sara, Local Natives and Unknown Mortal Orchestra 

There were 41 stations that added Tegan and Sara and Local Natives 

There were 20 stations that added Tegan and Sara and Unknown Mortal Orchestra 

There were 27 stations that added Local Natives and Unknown Mortal Orchestra 

lastly there were 50 stations that added None of the top 3 adds.    

So What does Tegan and Sara getting most added mean?  In the next few weeks we will look at what a #1 record means in terms of going #1 we will also be taking a look at how having an indie work a record impacts that record.   But the main point of this exercise is to show that every ADD can have an impact. So ADD what you want to but know that it means something.

Thanks for reading!  Oh before we go  we were going to take a look at what was going on 10 years ago and 5 years ago. 

On  FEB 3 of 2003  issue 799 The #1 record at college radio was... Joseph Arthur--Redemptions Son rounding out the top five were Primal Scream, Sigur Ros, Calla and the Ravonetttes. The Number one most added record was Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds--Nocturama. 
you can check out the whole issue below or by clicking here 

Five years ago in Feb 2008 I cannot find online but I can tell you the #1 record was Magnetic Fields and #1 most added was a band called Air Traffic 

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