Monday, April 07, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen Mr. Randy Watson!

This weekend was to mark the weekend I made the trip up to Toronto to see my first Baseball game of the season AND my first game at the Toronto Skydome. Sadly Canada ( the person) got sick and we have postponed our trip but will make the trip in 2 weeks so all is well. Every year I go to at least one new baseball stadium in my quest to hit them all. This year I am going to the Skydome and to the stadium in Seattle. Hopefully a few more but those 2 for sure.

Here are the stadiums i still need to go to: Oakland, Seattle, Minnesota, KC, St. Louis, Houston, White sox, Tampa Bay, Miami, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Arizona Detriot and the new ballpark in DC.

So back to this weekend. Not too much happened but on Saturday I had a craving to see Coming to America. So at first I tried my hand at downloading movies and well I have no idea how to do that. Then early on Sunday I went to the Virgin Megastore and got it for 10 bucks!
The You tube video above is from the movie if you have not seen it..its pretty magical.

This week I am going up to Boston! Red Sox...maybe some MAN MAN.. and good times.

OH one last thing... I got Rick Rolled for the first time last week and it seems to be in the news a lot ...I found this site that i thought was lots of fun ( not a rick roll i promise) its a dialer that will dial your friends and play "never gonna give you up "
AND while we are at it... there is a group of people trying to RickRoll the METS!
So far it has over 80,000 votes ... go here
and vote for Rick Ashley--never gonna give you up... good times

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