Thursday, April 17, 2008

500 miles is a long drive inside a car.

Tomorrow morning we are waking up very very early and making the trek to Toronto!
While we are there DJ EARL GREY, douginthehouse and DJ PANTS will be doing a radio show on the fantastic radio station CFRE! Click there to listen . Should be around 7pmEST .

Saturday will find us at the Skydome to see the Toronto Blue Jays play professional baseball vs the Tigers of Detroit. Not sure what the rest of the weekend will hold but I will come back Monday with a ton of photos and stories i do hope!

Just got the new Blood Red Shoes record on Import and on first listen I think it could be one of my favorites. No idea when the record comes out over here but here is a Video for ADHD that i have enjoyed for some time.

And lastly I went to see the Constantines last night in New York . I shot some pretty crappy video of it for you to look at if you like.

It is sideways for the first 45 seconds cause I am not very bright and thought I could edit it later. However you can go see them on tour now and you don't have to watch them sideways ..unless you want to.

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