Sunday, April 20, 2008

1100 Miles: Bees, Beers, Blue Jays and Baseball

What a Fantastic weekend! As you can read in the previous post we took a jaunt up to Toronto to visit our favorite station in Toronto CFRE. They were kind enough to let us do a radio show. You can go here and listen to it. But let me warn you it is 3 hours ... the first hour is DJ EARL GREY (matt from CMJ) then DJ PANTS takes over (Canada from Pirate) the third hour is your very own douginthehouse . There are some good parts and some parts that we wish we could take back but overall it was a blast so listen and let us know what you think! Also if you want us to do a radio show at your station let us know and we will plan our next trip around it!

There are also a lot of photos from the trip you can go here and check them out!


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too much fun


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