Wednesday, January 06, 2016

College Radio Recap! CMJ ISSUE 1422

I thought about just skipping this week.  But I got tired of full voicemails and no one being in the office yet so here I am.

Welcome to 2016!

Something I neglected a bit last year was the Promoters Fantasy Football League.

We had Promoters from 11 companies participate this year!
AAM, Team Clermont, A Man A Plan a Canal, Planetary, Pirate, Co-Sign, The Syndicate, Vitriol, Distiller, Secretly Group and Sub-Pop.

Last years champ ( me) did not make the playoffs and last years runner up Jesse was knocked out in the first round. The winner of the regular season was Allan from The Syn with an impressive 12-1 run. He was however upset in the second round by Harlan from Secretly. Harlan would face off vs Oscar from Planetary in the final and in the end... after the smoke cleared Oscar would stand tall as your 2015 Promoter League champion.

Congrats Oscar!

2016 is already off to an interesting start. I had multiple people message me about the Never-Better exodus and the formation of Shine on. So I guess Grimes has 2 indies on it now? To be a fly on the wall!

Every year there are changes at radio the other notable one being John from Terorbird taking his talents to York PA.

Nicole looks to have left CMJ as well.

As far as I can tell those were the major changes over the break, if there are any others let me know. Not that I want to turn this into a college radio gossip column but it is way more interesting than the charts right now.

So lets go over them quickly.

Grimes is still number one.

The number one most added record had 50 adds. ( Oh Wonder)

And records that had been off the charts for 2 months came back.

Normalcy shall return but thats usually after MLK day.

Thanks for reading. Lets talk on twitter.

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