Wednesday, January 20, 2016


So many things to get to this week. 

In what is probably the biggest story of the week I encourage everyone to read this

and read up on the story.  I don't have much to add to it but I really liked what David from CMJ had to say about it on Facebook. 

So this thing about Heathcliff Berru being a scumbag who sexually harasses and assaults women. Mentioned some thoughts...
Posted by David DeKeyser on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Now on to the charts. 

In what has to be the most unsurprising chart result ever David Bowie went from #1 most added last week to #1 this week. When I look at the charts right now we are in that period of time where everyone is trying to quickly move out the old and push in the new. So we see inflated chart numbers for many records. Top 5 albums from bands that had they gone any other time of year they would maybe be top 30. I am not hear to tear down any bands or records so we are not going to concentrate on those instead I wanted to take a closer look at Bowie. Because this record would be #1 no matter what the circumstances were. 

This week 56% of all stations charted David Bowie. That is on par with a solid #1 record. We have seen higher for sure with 60% being the benchmark for a really good #1. However I am not sure I have seen this before. 50% of the stations charting Bowie have him at #1.  That means that almost 30% of all #1's are David Bowie. To give you some perspective the average #1 record last year had around 20% of if its reporters chart at #1. The high for last year was Beach House with 36% and even that was very high. But I am not sure I have ever seen HALF of a records charters have the record at #1.  What is crazy is I would not be shocked if it grew. 

Hinds was this weeks #1 most added with well over half of the stations adding it. I am not sure if this is because Hinds is that good and have a shot at #1 or just that the competition was not that great. 

The early in the year charts can be hard to gauge. Last year at this time Viet Cong went from #170 to #4. But it only went as high as #3.  Ty Segall had an EP that debuted at #6 and only went as high as #5.  So while the top 20 is littered with big debuts and big movers its hard to really know if they are for real or just products of the time of year. We shall see over the next few weeks for sure.  

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thanks for reading. 

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