Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I had a feeling this day was coming.  I thought we had a bit more time but no, it is here.  I had my first station tell me that this was their last week reporting to CMJ until the fall. Shortly after, that same day, I had another tell me that next week was their last week. The exodus has begun.  However it feels like maybe it is not as big of a deal as it once was.  We used to work in a peak of 500+ reporters in the fall and then dip down to 300 in the summer. Now the highs are not as high and the low is not as far off.  This year thus far the highest number of reporters was 298, the highest up to this point last year was 337. The low in the coming weeks though I think will stay within the low of last years summer and that was just under 220.  Something to keep an eye on for sure.  I would argue that the 220+ stations that report over the summer are mostly the bigger ones and we lose a lot of those stations that happen to report 4 times over a 16 week period in the Spring.

So we have begun the decent. What does that mean for the charts. It could mean that its going to be harder to have a  huge jump while everyone is transitioning. As we saw last year around this time with Mac Demarco. He got locked into #1 at the right time as MD's had exams and radio became secondary and went on a 4 week run.  Could we be seeing the same thing with Courtney Barnett?  I was a bit surprised that she held on this week. Modest Mouse has more stations overall, and more #'1 but appears to have an edge on those larger core stations.  Sufjan Stevens also is hanging in there but every week that goes by for these 2 the harder it will be to hold off anyone else charging up.

I think we see a similar tight race next week.  The gap between #3 and #4 right now is pretty significant so I think it will take at least 2 weeks before we get a 4th member into this party.
It is worth keeping an eye on Waxahatchee, Toro Y Moi and Mountain Goats to see what happens. But again, the gap is pretty significant and I don't see the people pushing those 3 records slowing down at all.

The Adds were pretty crazy this week 3 getting over 100 and Built to spill coming close with 95. This could be one of those ADD weeks where we see the #2 or #4 most added exceed what the #1 most added record does. Speedy Ortiz did do well last time out and I am sure the expectations are for a #1.

It is always tough to know what is going to happen within the transition. And it is always fun to watch!

I thought it would be also fun to start wishing promoters happy birthday. This week Saw Bri from Team Clermont turn 17! Congrats Bri.  Later this week Jenn Misko from The Band Mom turns old enough to go to the top of the space needle!  Thats all I have according to Facebook but good job ladies!

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