Wednesday, January 21, 2015

CMJ Issue 1376 Week 3 Recap

Every year the MLK weekend tends to mark the return of a lot of stations back from winter break.  So far the charts have gone like I would of thought they would. Tv on the Radio ended the year at #1 and started the year at #1. Last years last #1 most added Parquet Courts then took that top spot last week and last weeks #1 most added Panda Bear took it this week. Each happened with little or no competition.

This weeks #1 most added though was pretty exciting. Sleater-Kinney DESTROYED It. 76% of all stations added the record.  Only 52 stations did not add the record! That is just insane. On top of that they show up on the top 200 at #15. I had thought Panda Bear was liked but this is on another level.
I thought Panda Bear might have a shot at staying at #1 for a while but now you could see Sleater-Kinney jumping up there next week.

Elsewhere on the chart Viet Cong is trying to make its way to #1 jumping all the way up to #4 from the add week last week. How many times does Jagjaguwar get the shaft though.. so many times they make these nice runs and then end up getting jumped by a bigger record or one with more firepower but you have to respect they do it all in house.  Top five is pretty fantastic, I would of course put everything I had into keeping Sleater-Kinney out of #1.  Ty Segall, with his 12th new record of 2015 already comes in at #6 and normally I would think they had a shot at #1 but I am hearing a bit of Ty fatigue out there, and it is just an EP.

But in the end I think Sleater-Kinney makes that jump from 15 to #1 next week. But just for the sake of making this next week more exciting we can pretend that Viet Cong, Panda Bear, Ty Segal all have a shot at it as well.

One of the more interesting things now might be what happens with the new Bjork record? The news of it coming out early happened late in the day yesterday, too late to make an impact on this weeks chart but I am sure a bunch of stations start playing the record regardless if anyone is working it next week. What is your station going to do?

Oh I almost forgot that the Decemberists went for adds this week, they had over 100 adds, coming in at 112 but when you go up against a juggernaut like Sleater-Kinney you will largely be a footnote. Anyone think they have a shot at #1? I suppose i could see them waiting it out if nothing else big comes for a while but I think the chances are pretty small.

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