Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The slow road back to normalcy. Both the ADDS and Chart reporters peaked their heads above 200 this week. It was actually a unique week in that there were more people reporting ADDs than reporting to the top 200. This happens when stations are just getting up and running and only do ADDS as a way to get the year started. 

This weeks ADDS were dominated by Panda Bear. With Viet Cong and Ty Segall the only ones remotely close.. and those were not even that close. Panda Bear is on a easy start of the year track to #1 but I have the feeling it would get there any time of year. Ty Segall is an interesting one though. I have seen in the past that when artists put out a lot of records the stations start to pay attention a little bit less on each one. Will be interesting to see what happens there. 

As for the Charts we have our first new #1 of the year with Parquet Courts squeezing their way in.  It was pretty close with TV on the Radio most of the week. But as I mentioned I am going to guess this will be a short lived #1 as Panda Bear is already at #7 having been set up by an EP at the end of last year.   

You have to be impressed with the run of Ariel Pink coming in at #3 with only the label pushing it. But we have seen that consistently with 4AD as well as with Jagjaguwar. They seem to be the only labels to do it on their own on a regular basis. 

With Panda Bear being as much of a lock as one can be at college radio the question for me turns to what will be next and more interestingly what will be left out?  Coming up very soon there is the new Decemberists record as well as the new Sleater-Kinney. Both should come up around the same time. Do both have enough to snag #1?  Will either be big enough to knock out Panda Bear? 

The beginning of the year is a fun time. Should be a blast to watch play out. 
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