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I knew coming into this week that Ty Segall would be a force. The timing of the record could not be more perfect really. A nice stream of music directors coming back from break and really over the last few weeks not a ton of huge records apart from Spoon. At first glance I thought this week had a number of contenders such as Rentals, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Cold Specks and New Pornographers but even the highest of those had barely above half of what Ty Segall got for adds.

I started to look back at older playlists to see what the highest percentage of ADDS for a given record was.  Up to this point for this year it was Real Estate with 68% of all stations adding.  In looking further back I was expecting to find Black Keys, M83, Spoon, or any number of big records getting above or close to this amount. So I started to look up these big records and see huge ADD totals way above the 141 that Ty Segall had this week but kept on seeing that the number of reporters was way above what we had this week.   But percentage wise its only over the last 2 years that I have seen records with above 60%. So when Ty Segall at 1:55pm had above 70% of all add reporters I thought we were in for something exciting and new.   Sadly we did not get to that 70% mark with Ty this week as he came up just a little short with 69.4%.  So close to being rounded up even! Still a very impressive week.

So then the next question is how quickly will Ty Segall go number one.

First lets take a look at the charts. Does anything else have a legit chance to go #1 before Ty Segall jumps up there?

11114SPOONThey Want My SoulLoma Vista
22325JENNY LEWISVoyagerwarner
451043RAVEONETTESPe'ahiBeat Dies
561153TWIN PEAKSWild OnionGrand Jury
64445WHITE FENCEFor The Recently Found InnocentDrag City
77874BEAR IN HEAVENTime Is Over One Day OldHometapes-Dead Oceans
891584WYTCHESAnnabel Dream ReaderPartisan
10--101J MASCISTied To A StarSUB POP

You look at the charts and you see a nice top 10 debut from J Mascis and you think maybe if they put everything behind it they could jump up there but right now they are over 100 stations behind so that looks pretty doubtful.  Jenny Lewis is on week 5, a week older than Spoon so stations into her should start to drop off pretty soon while we could see another week of growth from Spoon.   Because of the potential of Spoon gaining stations I really don't think anything here has a chance of jumping up to #1. Next week. That includes Ty Segall. If I had to bet I would say Ty comes in at #2 or #3 next week.  Then we might see a battle between him and Spoon but people should start dropping off spoon soon as it gets into weeks 5 or 6. 

This week CMJ announced that Nominations were open for the CMJ Awards

Nominations for the College Radio Awards are open!
Nominations will be open until 4pm EST, Friday, September 12th. You can nominate in any category, but a valid email and subscription are required! Voting will happen at College Day on Thursday, October 23.

I like that when it comes to voting later industry can only vote for stations and stations can vote for everyone. I think it should be more about the stations.  I would love for stations to pitch why they should win. Don't be shy! Be proud of your station.  I already have seen 2 emails promoting their stations and will share those below. I will also share any pitch from any station or promotion company given to me. So send em in doug at pirate pirate dot com

The first one comes from WDBM 

CMJ Nominations. You knew it was coming and I hate to just type it all out as to why we should be nominated for awards... but I feel that it must be done.

1. Biggest Champ of the Local Scene - As stated above, we're working our butts off to put together some sweet shows for our community. Not only that but we are out of Michigan State University so when we made the huge shift in our programming we made sure to cater to the students of our school. Now, everyone from frat boys to indie nerds love us!

2. Most Creative Programming - I mentioned we made huge programming shifts this summer. We cut down all of our categories and revamped their titles so that everyone gets a bit of something that they want. Honeypot - the accessible tracks. Cradio - college radio core tracks. Local - for the local band lovers in East Lansing. Old Alternative - for the songs that initially got us into good music. And of course, breaking and new - all the new artists and old artists coming out with new music to give everyone new music to discover! We've tried so hard to get in touch with our scene and because of that I've made sure to pick the coolest, funkiest tracks to teach our community about.

3. Biggest Improvement - I've heard that this is for smaller stations on the rise but we've accomplished so many new and exciting things here at WDBM. New digital boards, our first concert, we got our radio tower fixed after being off the air for two months, we put out a gazillion professional looking videos, we're releasing our new website soon, and so much more. Now I can safely say that Impact89FM is thee coolest place I'll ever work!

4. Music Director of the Year - Not sure if I would be up for Rookie of the Year or this award because I only started in January.... and honestly, I'm not sure if one of my peer Music Directors has done a better job than me. All I know is that these past several months my life has been dedicated to making WDBM sound as awesome as it can possibly sound to our listeners. I truly think that music directing isn't just about being able to pick the music that sounds good but being able to pick the music that makes sense for the station. This year I've strived to be objective, pull together the music director community, create strong connections with as many promoters as possible, and learn as much about music and the industry as my brain could hold!

5. Station of the Year - This is last but definitely not least. We have a music review team, video team, promotions team, news team, sports team, production team and an entire desk staff. We will never stop trying to get in touch with our community and with our university. Winning this award would give our school just another reason to continue supporting us at WDBM. I truly think that we at Impact 89FM are killing it - I'm so proud

The second one  comes from WHUS

So as you probably know, the CMJ Award Nominations opened up today and just wanted to let you know before you send in your nominations that I'm gunning for a few awards!
My number one priority for the conference is definitely ***BEST TASTE IN MUSIC***. I was nominated last year, but I'm feeling better than ever about my taste in music. It's definitely blossomed over the last year of being Music Director here at WHUS. With age, as well, my taste has developed into that of perhaps a fine wine? I'll let you decide. Check my most played artists!
While I'm at it, I might as well gun for ***MUSIC DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR*** also! I've really enjoyed being Music Director for the past year and a half, so maybe something physical, like a plaque or something, would accurately portray my feelings for the position. I don't know. I feel weird asking people to nominate me for something like a big award, but it sure would be cool to have a big award or something like that.

Currently, if we want to get meta, there's a tour group coming through the station and I'm wearing my Daft Punk mask from last summer, just working at my desk and occasionally staring at individual people until they look at me. I'm not wearing my glasses while I write this email, so I can't see the screen. People are walking by being like "oh wow cool office" and not saying anything about the mask. Cmon now, people. Give Life Back To Music. Take that as you will in the nomination process.

Here is one from WWVU 
Happy Tuesday radio family,

I wanted to send a quick email to have you guys consider my station for a couple of CMJ Nominations. We're been nominated for Best Community Resource for the past 5 years, and last year we got a tremendous amount of love and received Best Community Resource, Most Improved Station, and Music Director of the Year nominations. Asking for nominations is a kind of funny thing, but I ask because the nominations we received resulted in a lot of local press about my station and the university tossed a little more funding our way. Like most college stations, there's always rumors of our operations being cut from the university budget and, for the last year, we've been operating without a station/general manager. It's just me and my lovely PD holding down the fort here in Morgantown and we're killing it. It's a position we're used to being in. 

So, it would be awesome if you considered WWVU for Best Community Resource, Most Improved Station, Best Use of Limited Resources or whatever you see fit after your dealings with my and my station. It's good to have both quantitative and qualitative records to legitimize our efforts in the eyes of university higher-ups. These nominations help. 

Love ya'll, hope everyone has a good 3 day weekend.


Jared Peterson

Hi everyone!

As much as I hate to see summer go, a new school year is always a fresh start, so I got inspired to revamp our email format! (though I promise it won't always be this lengthy). The image above is part of a retro comic book-style graphic drawn for us by a local artist a few years ago. WKNC is shown as a rampaging Godzilla-type guy and the artist even depicted local commercial radio stations running in fear from the KNC monster. RAD. We recently purchased the rights to the image and now we are going crazy with it -- we just got a whole batch of sweet T-shirts in (anyone wanna do a T-shirt swap at Hopscotch? Let me know!). Anyway, I hope that you will forgive my use of Comic Sans because this is maybe the one situation in which it is actually appropriate?

Also, speaking of Hopscotch, it is only 9 days away!! Obviously we're all really excited here --we've been blogging and social media-ing like nobody's business. I hope I can meet some of you guys there! But if not, maybe I'll see you at CMJ

Also I'm gonna be shameless and help make your nomination process easier -- WKNC would be preeeetty thrilled to get nomz for any of the following: 
Biggest Champion of the Local Scene (have you heard of Mount Moriah, The Love Language, or Sylvan Esso?? We have 10 hours a week dedicated to strictly NC music, from the nationally-recognized to the obscure, featuring interviews and live performances, plus we host Local Band Local Beer every Thursday)
Best Use of Limited Resources (we are almost entirely SELF FUNDED! This year we raised $11,000 from our annual Double Barrel Benefit) 
Rookie of the Year (self-explanatory??)
Best Community Resource (25,000 watts means we can reach a LOT of people! catch us in INDYweek all the dang time)
Most Creative Programming (yeah, we like indie rock, but did you know we also have a show featuring Indian music, and a show entirely in Spanish?)
Will Never Sell Out (for those of you who think I don't add enough of your stuff :P)
Station of the Year (we're growing in leaps and bounds, y'all! This year's DBB raised the most money EVER, and Lounge was just named as a finalist for CBI's National Student Production Awards in the category of Best Vodcast - Television!)

That does it for this week! I will tell you my nominations as I did last year the week of the 9th.  Lets talk about it more on the Twitter 

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