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This Sunday marked the last day you can nominate someone for the CMJ awards.  I saw  a lot of "vote for me" posts from Promoters and Stations and I wanted to take you through the process of who I picked and Why.  ( For stations I only talk to a portion of the stations so there are plenty of other worthy nominations I am sure )

    Station Of The Year
    Last year was pretty fantastic when WTBU from Boston University won the award and I love when things like that happen. When I look at station of the year personally I look at those stations that are growing and getting better by the year. My suggestions for this award are: ( keep in mind I don't talk to every station and can only suggest the ones I do talk about) 
    KVMR, KALX, KDHX, KLSU   of course there are plenty of deserving stations but those were in the running for my nomination

    I went with KDHX, click to check them out 

    Music Director Of The Year
    You really can't go wrong with any of the MD's of the above mentioned 
    Alice from KVMR, Arielle from KALX, Nick from KDHX and Angela from KLSU were all in the running 

    I went with the Local station here in San Francisco and Arielle from KALX 

    Specialty Music Director Of The Year

    I do not talk to specialty music directors so I left it blank 

    Biggest Champion Of The Local Scene

    Last year I nominated WBWC because I feel they get really involved with the community. I know WUTK does a lot as well but this year I went with WICB 

    Will Never Sell Out
    There are a lot of stations that have rigid rules and will never break them and I could of gone with someone from WRAS, WUOG, WUSC but this year I went with Abbie Gobell from KUOM as she clearly has a goal for her station and what she wants it to sound like and has the added obstacle of KCMP being in the same market. 

    Biggest Community Resource
    To me this falls right in line with the champion of the local scene or maybe I just read them wrong and should of done something else for champion of the local Scene... Now that I think about it that is looking more like someone that plays a lot of local music. Well moving on.  I went with WDBM on this one 

    Biggest Improvement
    This one is always a lot of fun. I am pretty sure KSLU won it like 3 out of the 4 first years.  I really like the direction WUTK is going in and what the new Music directors have been doing so I went with them 

    Best Use Of Limited Resources
    There are so many people out there that do not get paid or just do the job for the joy of doing the job. I went in the direction of not in a major city, thus no large tours and I just wanted to give a shout to a station that does a great job year after year so I went with KGLT  

    Rookie Of The Year
    You could say this ties in with Biggest Improvement as a new MD tends to bring about a large improvement. I also wish they did this for the Promoters as there are so many good new promoters out there that deserve a shout.  I honestly have not talked to a lot of new MD's this year so I went with the newest one I just talked to in Olive from KPSU.  
    Best Student-Run, Internet-Only Station
    There are a bunch of Internet only stations that report to CMJ but only a few that are student run. I only talk to one of them so of course I went with them  Spinnaker Radio 

    Best Taste In Music
    A ton of people out there have GREAT tastes in music. Everyone I named above does of course. And many more that I did not name.  I went with Jake from WITR 

    Most Creative Programming
    Another tough one and I could of gone with them for Limited resources but he was pushing for this so I said sure what the hell!  WDWN 

    Industry Awards

    These were a lot of fun. I decided not to nominate Pirate! for everything and go with those I thought were really deserving of the award. 

    Promoter Of The Year
    There are a lot of Promoters doing really good jobs out there. Let me tell you some of my favorites. Of course Canada here at Pirate! Has been doing a great job. Hannah and her team over at Jagjaguwar are all stellar.  But it came down to a coin flip for me between Christine at Distiller and my eventual nominee Tenni at AAM.  I hope all of them get nominated for Promoter of the year as they all would deserve it.  But seeing the things they are doing this year at AAM is pretty impressive so I went with her. 
    Promotion Company Of The Year
    Obviously I think we are the best here at Pirate! so I went with us.  I do think that most of the promotional companies do a really good job otherwise they would not be here. 

    Outstanding Leadership In College Radio
    ME. I AM YOUR LEADER.   But seriously I just look at this as  who is the old person still doing things. ME I am still doing things. 

    Best Online Resources
    I know I said I did not nominate Pirate! for everything and I did not but how great is our download system. Its easy right? 

    Best Taste In Music
    Ok another non Pirate!  I thought of throwing a curveball like Oscar in here since he has to be the most honest about his musical preferences or someone at Terrorbird as they have a great roster of music fans over there but I decided to go with Graham from AmanAplanAcanal 

    Please Hire Me When I Graduate
    You don't want to work for me, I make you get me sandwiches. Go work for CMJ thats where you want to be. The Hub of the College music industry 

    Sexiest Phone Voice
    Better than biggest flirt I suppose but if you have talked to Canada you know his voice is sexy. 

    Best Artist Roster
    I have to think my roster is the best right! Otherwise what am I doing.  After Pirate thought you have to look at the great rosters of Team Clermont and Terrorbird and I single those two out as they really seem to be focusing on music THEY like and I respect that ( and the screen shot I took of who I nominated here got cut off and I cant remember what I put)

    Thanks for reading!

    Full update later this week.

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