Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Thank you to everyone that participated in the vote for the #1 most added record last week.  And just like the vote Arctic Monkeys was #1 most added. There were a couple add in votes but shockingly there were no Pixies add in votes. The Pixies came out of nowhere and scored a top five most added. When I think about that I am surprised.  For years we have talked about what would happen if the Pixies put out more music.  I know you can't predict how good an EP or record will be but I expected more.  

This weeks chart race and top ADD race were very slow.  What I thought would of happened last week happened this week with Ty Segall taking #1 on the top 200 and Arctic Monkeys taking #1 on the top ADDS.    But there were some more people back reporting so thats kind of fun.  The next few weeks should be fun but we will get to that in a bit.

What I wanted to concentrate on this week was a question I got from one of the stations that reads this blog...

"PS, I really love your blog. I've been an MD for  a few years and I'm always fascinated by the different personalities of record reps...some of the nicest people I've chatted with to some of the biggest jerks I'd hope to never meet in real life. I'd be curious to know how record charting affects a rep's job and what pressure people are under to get the highest number of records charting etc. And what, if any, consequence is their for being complete dicks to music directors. So far this year has been decent...we'll see how it goes as the year progresses. "

It is a great question. We all have different ways of promoting. I hear all the time of intimidation ( if you don't get on this you wont get any more records type of threat)  And those that let the record speak for themselves. There are of course many in-between that toe the line.

I don't really understand/ nor have I ever understood those that bully stations.  It should and can be a symbiotic relationship.  We send you music. You listen and decide on what you like. It was never meant to be we send you music you chart it or we don't send you any more.  But that can happen. And hell I have pulled servicing on many stations throughout my years of being a promoter.  The reasons can vary but that is a last straw.     The question though is how charting can affect a promoters job.
I can tell you at Pirate and those that have moved on from Pirate, I would like to think, promote without bullying. Or being dicks.   But to be 100% honest if it gets results it does not matter how it is done to the company.   So those of you that buy in to the bullying or threats are only helping those promoters continue in the line of being dicks as the station mentioned.

There have been a lot of new MD's I have talked to over the past week and I say the same thing to each of them.  I am not in any of these bands. Be honest with me about how you feel about this record. I might try and convince you otherwise but I will not be offended.  My job is to get feedback and to help get each band into the right station. So if you are not the right station it is best I know right away instead of lying to me and saying you can't find it or it is in review.

So I honestly have no idea of what is going for adds next week but for the charts It should be rather exciting

We have Ty Segall at #1 Can they hold it?

That means that records such as Wahed out and Superchunk should be leaving the top 5.

That ALSO means we have a race between No Age, Franz Ferdinand, Deer Tick, Neko Case, Jacuzzi Boys and a few others that all feel they have a shot for #1 or top five.

Franz Ferdinand needed to make a bigger move this week from 5 last week, they only went to 4.  They did gain 40 stations but Ty Segall had 142 last week and that would still leave them 20 short.

So to overtake #1 Ty Segall this next week a record will have to, in theory, have more than 162 stations. The closest at this point is Washed out with 145 and they are on the downturn.  I think Ty is safe for another week but whomever makes the biggest jump out of those listed above next week will have the best chance at #1 in 2 weeks.

Should start to get fun soon! See you at CMJ? Oh if you have not voted be sure to nominate for the CMJ awards and let me know if you want me to vote for you for something.

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