Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Well that was about as quick as I thought it might happen. Spoon EASILY took #1 this week.  Early on, when lets say there were only 50 reporters things were close but Spoon pulled away.  So how long does spoon stay up there is the question? I don't think there is anything currently on the charts that poses much of a threat. My guess is that it stays up there until the new Ty Segall goes for adds.

Speaking of adds. We have our lowest add winner in a  LONG time with Bishop Allen getting 61 adds. 33% of stations added the record. Thats pretty low. All that will matter in the end though is that it was #1 most added.

I thought one of the more interesting questions this week was what was going to happen to Morrissey since he was "dropped".  Early on there were a lot of stations reporting him but that fell off pretty quickly and he fell a spot from #5 to #6.

What are you guys looking forward to for this fall?

Who is going to CMJ this year?

We had a really great discussion last week about Alvvays and who the last #1 debut record was.  Lets have more conversations! You can hit me up on twitter @theanimalarrg

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