Wednesday, July 16, 2014


This morning I got a little excited when I saw a back to school commercial on TV.  So we have to be close right?! Not so much. I looked up chart trends since 2005 and the uptick in stations does not begin until week 37. So we have some time. I also noticed that in past years there was a big uptick around week 27-29 so maybe there will be some stations that come back? In the past it has jumped from 220 up to 240 so that would be pretty nice if that were to happen but something about this year seems like finding an additional 20 stations will be highly unlikely.

One of the reasons I was looking through my records since 2005 was that Parquet Courts returned to #1.  I cannot remember a record ever losing the #1 spot only to come back and reclaim it.  It seems unlikely that it has NEVER happened but perhaps this was the first time.    Most of the time when a promotion company loses the #1 spot they do not try to get it back there is the simplest reason why this seemingly has never happened.  Also the charts mostly have a natural flow to them where as one record rises another one falls.  I am sure there are other reasons but having never seen it happen it is pretty crazy to me.

There are currently have 4 other records waiting in the wings that all have pretty good shots at going #1.  All within a week of each other as well. White Lung, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Antlers and How to Dress well.  Antlers and White Lung have a slight advantage in the number of stations while A Sunny Day in Glasgow and How to Dress well are both a week younger.  The hard part at this point is closing that gap between Parquet courts and Jack White.  Currently this stands at around 20 stations.

I don't imagine either Parquet Courts or Jack White gaining more stations to go above 120 so its just a matter of one of those records can make that jump. In the Fall or spring I would say sure but right now the charts seem on cruise control and no one is really breaking away from the pack. We will see what happens.

This weeks #1 most added record was Morrissey with only 77 ADDS.   Last weeks #1 most added Luluc had 96 adds and debuted at 25 so It will be interesting to see where Morrissey comes in. I would guess higher and say its powered by the AAA stations.

Something else that might affect this week is the Pitchfork festival. Of the stations I am able to get ahold of this summer I would guess at least 40% of them are headed to Chicago this week! Makes me think I should of bought tickets!

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