Wednesday, July 23, 2014


What a weird summer.  It is almost like no one else wants to get #1 so we are stuck with Jack White and Parquet Courts trading #1's back and forth. Every week they lose some stations and come closer to the rest of the pack but the rest of the pack struggles to get up to that level.  

So here is what we are looking at.

12118JACK WHITELazarettoThird Man
21218PARQUET COURTSSunbathing AnimalWhat’s Your Rupture?
33435WHITE LUNGDeep FantasyDomino
461244HOW TO DRESS WELLWhat Is This Heart?Weird World
54744A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOWSea When AbsentLefse
773110BLACK KEYSTurn BlueNonesuch
825-82LULUCPasserbySUB POP
920-92BRAIDNo CoastTopshelf

The only record that does not have a chance to go #1 right now out of these is Black Keys because they already started the fall. I would think Parquet Courts and Jack White have to be close to falling out and looking at the numbers the gap is only about 10 stations.  

It is very interesting to see so many records bundled up with each of them having a legit chance for #1. As the number of stations decreases overall the number of stations it takes to make a difference for a record gets smaller as well.  If White Lung, for example had one less CORE station they could easily be #6.  If How to Dress Well had one more big CORE they could easily be #2.  

It will be interesting to see.  Perhaps if stations stopped playing really old records one of these newer ones would rise above the fray. 

696351117MAC DEMARCOSalad DaysCaptured Tracks
11373104219CLOUD NOTHINGSHere And Nowhere ElseCarpark-Mom And Pop
12512480221WAR ON DRUGSLost In The DreamSecretly Canadian
1279360115WYE OAKShriekMerg
14514589123ST. VINCENTSt. VincentLoma Vista
16312591121REAL ESTATEAtlasDomino
I made the cutoff 15 weeks, but you could make an argument that 12 weeks on a chart is excessive. Thats 3 months! Of course stations can play whatever they want for as long as they want but if more of an emphasis was put on rotating in newer music maybe we would have a clearer vision of what the best records were. 

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