Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Summer is usually the time where it feels like nothing exciting happens. Not this week! We had our first CMJ CRASH since... well... a LONG time.  Yet despite CMJ being down most of the day Monday we still got up to 216 reporters. Not that 216 is a LOT by any means but it is above last weeks Memorial day low of 214.  I am sure it had some impact on the charts but to say what kind is difficult.  Hopefully it does not go down again but it is good to know that there are still a good number of stations that will wait it out or get their reports in early.

There was a LOT of change up on the top end of the charts.  Chromeo, Conor Oberst, La Sera, Sharon Van Etten all jumped into the top 10. Lykee Li jumped into the top 5 and we have a new number one with the Black Keys taking #1.

Lykee Li looks poised for a run at #1 next week and Sharon Van Ettens Jump from 22 to 5 is very impressive with a jump of 35 stations.

Things should start to get interesting with this weeks #1 most added Parquet Courts, the debut this week was not as high as we have seen from the likes of Thee Oh Sees and Black Keys recently but I still think this should be considered a contender in the weeks to come.

It should be fun to watch what happens, the margins right now are so small that really any of those records on the move might think they have a chance at #1 and will continue to push for it until they get it or until they get passed.  We have mentioned it before but a lot of these stations charts look alike so sometimes it comes down to chart position and in the summer its more difficult than ever to try and manipulate these positions.

So yeah. FUN.

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