Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I don't know about you but I have a bad case of World Cup fever! And judging from the amount of stations that were actually around on Monday I am going to go ahead and guess that a lot of you do as well!

We keep on hovering around the same amount of stations at college radio with the last 3 weeks being 216, 223 and 225 reporters, but the overall pool for these last three weeks is around 270 so there seem to be a different 50 or so stations taking a break every week.  Sure does make it hard to get any traction at college radio.  I know I would not be in either if I did not have to be. Summer is the time to be outside.

This week The Black Keys held on to the #1 spot and I thought that we would see Parquet Courts making a run at #2 but Conor Oberst held strong there holding Parquet Courts to the #3 spot. The big move, as expected was Jack White coming in at #5.  Will be interesting to watch what happens with these 4 records next week. There are many factors at play.

The newest record usually has the best chance, so you have to like Jack Whites chances to make a run at #1.   What could complicate that is that Parquet Courts is only a week older and seems to have a tad more hype going for it.  I thought that Conor Oberst would be out of the picture at this point but he had a strong showing and seems to be that companies major priority.
I liked Parquet Courts going into this week and still think they have a good shot. Stations playing Jack White are most likely going to be playing Black Keys so that could negate any edge Jack white could get.  It gets tricky too when pushing 2 records for #1, sometimes you have to make a choice as to what baby you like more.   The last thing is that Black Keys continues to gain stations and in the summer it can get harder to push off big name records off peoples charts. So we could just see them stick around because of laziness on the part of stations reporting.

This weeks ADDS were no real contest with The Antlers blowing away the competition beating the #2 most added record by 40 ADDS.  The Antlers were also the first 100+ add record since the Black Keys.  I doubt we see a jump like we saw with the Black Keys as they have not debuted yet and a #2 debut would be historic.  But you have to think they are in the mix in the next few weeks.

Summertime can extend the life of a record by a few weeks so who knows maybe all of these records go #1 but I would find that very surprising.

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