Wednesday, May 21, 2014


This is it! The start of summer is just a few days away. We have been working towards this moment over the past few weeks losing a few stations at a time but the real drop off happens next week.

If we look back to last week at this time  Weeks 18-21 the stations dropped off as follows :


This year is about the same:


So this next week we should see just around 200 reporters and the week after there is usually a rebound to almost the week before but it should hover in the 220-230 range for the rest of the summer.  The good thing about summer though is that the majority of these stations are bigger stations with legit airplay and we are mostly losing smaller stations that tend to not be as consistent in their reporting.

Thee Oh Sees took the top spot this week, a week later than I initially thought they would but after looking at the numbers last week we saw that in most cases it takes a few weeks to make that climb even if you are a big record.  The last Thee Oh Sees record was #1 for 2 weeks. It will be interesting to see if this one builds on that one or does about the same.   One thing about these summer transition weeks is that the newer records do better until everything stabilizes.  Things can and do get lost in the shuffle.

Thee Oh Sees is a pretty solid #1 at this point with just over 60% of the reporting stations so who could be the next in line?

Damon Albarn had a great week on the charts moving from 10 to 5 but did so by only gaining 4 stations and only currently have 39% of the stations.

Lykke Li had an impressive week as well moving from 17 to 6 and having about the same amount of stations as Damon.

Tune-Yards might of had the most impressive week moving from 30 to 8 by almost doubling the amount of stations on the record.

Out of those I would have to say Lykke Li has the best shot to make a run at #1 as it is a week newer than Damon. That plus the last record went #1 and their is an indie working it all line up in her favor.
I think though if Tune-Yards had an extra push they would have a real shot but 4AD tend not to be concerned with playing the game to get to #1 as much as others do.

I was a little surprised that Woods fell off so fast as I thought they were making a run from 9 to 5 and now back to 9.

Last weeks #1 most added Swans comes in just over 40 at #37 and last weeks runner ups Chromeo come in at #19 and Pains of being pure at heart come in at 44.

I think all of these have a chance at top 10 and perhaps we will see one of them in the top 5. Summer can produce some crazy results.

This weeks #1 most added Comes from The Black Keys who also debut at #26.  When we were looking at the last few #1 records and I mentioned above it has typically taken about 3 weeks to make the move but each of the last 3 #1 records have started in the 60s. Should be interesting to see what kind of move the Keys make this next week.

What do you guys think? Who will be next weeks #1? Thee Oh Sees?  Lykke Li? Damon Albarn? Tune-Yards? The Black Keys?

Lets talk about it all on twitter!

Oh and go out and enjoy summer! Memoral day is not a day you should be locked in the office. No mail = no work!

Talk to you soon.


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