Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hello everyone from lovely New York City.  Everything so far is great, however I am still getting used to being back on east coast time.

These next few week should prove to be very exciting.  According to the past few years we have the next six weeks of increased reporters before a big drop off. So these next six weeks should be very exciting, as if they have not been exciting already.

This week was a fantastic race. We had Beck #1 for the last few weeks but a charging St. Vincent and Real Estate.  So there was always a chance Beck could hold on but with War on Drugs, Black Lips and Liars all going for adds over the past few weeks the window for both St. Vincent and Real Estate was closing fast.  So why not put everything you could into this week.

To be honest when the charts closed today I really thought it was going to be Real Estate.  They had more stations. And everything else was equal. I don't have the formulas to determine how a #1 gets there but it had to of been close. Real Estate had more of pretty much every size station.  Somehow though St. Vincent ends up at #1.  I really did think it was close but it was still somewhat of a surprise.

So now we have 6 weeks before stations stop paying attention because of "exams" and that sort of thing and we really could see a new number one each week.   I would not be shocked if St. Vincent held it for only one week before Real Estate took over and then I would not be shocked to see Black lips or War on Drugs take it as both are charing up the charts.

The strength of War on Drugs and Black Lips though is significantly less than that of St. Vincent and Real Estate I think. It does not mean they cannot get to #1 but I just wonder if there is a correlation to the number of stations reporting a record the week after the add week and its path to #1.  Beck, St, Vincent and and Real Estate all showed up on the charts the next week with in excess of 160 stations. This week we only saw around 130 stations with War on Drugs and the same with Black lips the week before.   Perhaps there is a magic number to look for in the week after ADDS to predict at #1 record. It will take more research for sure but something worth looking it.

Liars took #1 most added pretty easily this week and is also a contender for #1 the next few weeks.
The last liars record went to #3 but was only #2 most added so this has to bode somewhat well for the record. I do think it will depend on how many stations jump onboard the first week.  Again I am not positive of this 160 week after add number but it should be something to keep an eye on from now on.

So what do you think will happen for #1's ?

We have
Real Estate
Black Lips
charting up
with St. Vincent just getting in there.

you think all three get to #1? or you think St. Vincent holds?

I think we have a bunch of new number ones for the next few weeks.

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