Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This week in College radio: CMJ Issue 1307. Week 30

i can't seriously talk about this chart. There are so many things happening that would not be happening any other time of year. 

Thats how I feel about summertime charts right now. The charts are so strange this time of year.  I really thought we had leveled off, we had been getting the same amount of reporters for about the last four weeks but this week was a big drop and its understandable with everyone trying to cram in as much summer fun time in before its time to report back to school.    

Smith Westerns sticks around for another week at #1 while Hunx and His Punx jump all the way to #3.  Pity Sex make a big move up to #5 while Bass Drum of Death and Speedy Ortiz both fall.   I think Hunx and His Punx have a nice shot at #1. This time of year, just because you are top five does not mean you have a legit shot at #1. Pity sex have virtually no shot and while Gogol made a huge move up the charts to #14 they have so much ground to make up to even be considered.  

I would like to think that there will be something big going for ADDS soon that will bolt up the charts but who knows. I was surprised that last weeks #1 most added The Love Language was not a lot higher but I think some of that is due to the lack of reporting stations.  This weeks number one ADD was Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic zeros. ADDS the last few weeks have been very difficult to project so we will take a wait and see approach to this one. 

Speaking of waiting for some good records what are you guys excited about for Fall?  

Anything you want to talk about?  Please let me know? 

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