Wednesday, August 07, 2013

This week in college radio CMJ ISSUE 1308 WEEK 31

August. Ooof.  These charts are so out of wack from what I consider normal it is really difficult to have a nice write up about them. This week we stayed below 250 reporters for the 5th straight week. If my records are correct we should start to see a return of station activity slowly going forward with the majority of stations coming back the week after labor day.  If anything exciting happens in this time I will be sure to note it but this past week, as I mentioned, the chart is just so weird that I can't reasonably talk about it without shaking my fist in the air and telling kids to get off my lawn.

We do have another #1 this week as I thought we might with Hunx and His punx taking the #1 spot away from Smith Westerns.  This weeks #1 add Washed Out looks like a good bet to be the next #1 record if it can, and I think it will, race up the charts rather fast.  The last few weeks the top 5 has not really been a predictor of a #1 record as the numbers don't really change from 5-15 very much.

So the recaps will be a lot like this until we have something more to talk about. Feel free to give me a topic or talk to me on twitter @theanimalarrg  Unless I am missing something there does look to be an exciting showdown in a few weeks between No Age and Ty Segall .  I find this a little interesting as over the past few months I have noticed more of a changing of the guard at Radio than I have in the last few years. Meaning "heritage" CMJ artists are trending downwards, not performing as well as expected,  and a newer group of bands are becoming the next new thing.   Now this could just be a result of the summertime or perhaps the well known bigger artists are just putting out dud records. But it is starting to look like a trend.  If you wait too long between records you can be easily forgotten at college radio and it is interesting to me what music directors are remembering.

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