Monday, July 21, 2008

Los Angeles California Days 1-4

So much has happened in the last 4 days it has been a fantastic whirlwind of fun and excitement! 
Let's look back and see what I have been doing starting with Thursday! 
Thursday we got into town and went out for drinks with some friends... not too exciting but i did get to ride in the back of a truck. Unlike the south this is frowne
d upon so I had to hide

On Friday we went to go see THE DARK KNIGHT and it was really everything I had dreamed it would be. Such a good time. Then we had a BBQ and played a game called Celebrity 
and i really think everyone should play. 
here is how it works
2 teams best with more people but lets say teams of 3 ... i think it could work with teams of 2. 
Get a big bowl and a bunch of paper cut into pieces big enough to write a few words on. 
everyone spends time thinking of "celebrities" and writes them on the papers, folds them in half and places them in the bowl. 

Examples: can be as straight forward as Ted Danson or as strange as "the turtle boy from the internet" However whatever is written down is the Clue you have to get your team to say.

Once all names have been filled out one person on the team gets one minute to go through as many names as possible.  For the first round anything goes. You can say anything except what is written on the paper. The first round goes on until all the papers are gone. After each minute the teams take turns going and alternating between people on the team. 

After all the names are gone you tally the scores and put all the papers back in the bowl. Then you start round 2 but this time you can only say one word.  You go through all the names the same way and then tally the scores.

Then in round 3 you can only say the word penis. Seriously it is a blast and a half.  Let me know if you have any questions.

On Saturday we went to a Wine event up in Santa Barbara. 90 wine vendors and free food. There was so much good wine, thank goodness it only went on for 4 hours or i have no idea how we would have gotten home. After the event we drove down to Newport and went out on a boat, played some skee ball and of course did some Kareoke. 

On Sunday we got to go see the Sox play the Angels to round out the perfect start to the trip. 
I am here until Friday so let me know if you want a Postcard!  Talk to you soon! 

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