Monday, June 16, 2008

4 saturdays is a lot of Saturdays

What a great week. I am not sure I can remember/ retell of all the events of Flag Day but I wanted to give you some highlights. In NO order at all, from the Day and from the Week.

1) We started out Flag day with a simple plan. To take a photo of every beer we drank. It started off well.

I wont go through the whole series but .... my favorite part is that Braden had his 9th beer 5 times.

2) A total of 5 kegs and 18 cases of Dogfish Head beer was consumed a new Flagday Vs Hoodstock record!

3) I lost my pants.

4)we got to play wiffleball in the park

5) Brooke found picked up a 80 year old man at the ball park. They are moving to Atlantic city together .

6) Turns out my pants were in my room.

7) we drank 16+ pitchers of beer and ate 5 trays of nachos while watching the Celtics come back Vs the Lakers on Thursday.

8) I almost got kicked out of Karaoke but was able to sing : Rock Lobster, Dancing with Myself, America and You may Be Right.

9) 7 people apparently got cut off after the party. I was one of them. Go me.

10) No one died and I woke up in my own bed.

So yeah good times!

Check out the Photos here
and I can't wait until next year! !!!!!

1 comment:

Shredder said...

I believe Braden was trying to hold up 12 or 13 fingers there in that last photo, but needed to also hold his beer. I was trying to help with extra fingers.


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