Monday, June 02, 2008

34 days until my birthday, 12 days until Flag day!

Flag day is so close! SO SO SO SO CLOSE

become friends with flag day here

I am excited about June, lots of wiffleball to be played and FLAG DAY.

for those of you asking ... doug... what the hell is Flag day.

well flagday is a special time in every persons life where they get to drink for free in the middle of the day
See-- 4th of july
see also-- memorial day
see as well--the weekend

This is our yearly party and we ask you to come join and drink ... its that simple ... so come and drink and have fun times and arm wrestle canada.

Last summer, The Syndicate's Hoodstock took on Pirate's Flag Day in an epic clash held on the battle grounds of Astoria...and so began the battle for the ultimate summer party.

Everyone was in full force and the pressure was on:

The wrestling match between The Syndicate's Jon Landman and Pirate's Steve Theo somehow resulted in a catastrophe so great it turned into a tag-team match - eventually defeating itself in a pool full of maple syrup and stale beer.

Such mayhem continued in a contest between Doug of Pirate! and Pat of the Syndicate, where the ball clearly went into the strawberries and should of resulted in a 2 shot penalty. The referee did not notice and points were not altered, which lead to the final death match to decide the fate of the party.

Matt from the Syndicate was able to eat 12 Moonpies - 1.5 more than Pirate's Canada in the final battle of the afternoon giving Hoodstock a close and extremely controversial win!

This year on the afternoon of Saturday June 14th 2008 at Fontana's in NYC the battle will continue.... Hoodstock vs Flag Day II !!!!!

Come celebrate the celebration! Be part of the mayhem! Battle the epic battle!!! Beer will be provided by Dogfish Head. Bear Hugs will be provided by Steve and Matt. Canada will provide Beards, Pat will provide surprises. Doug and Meredith with dance your face off. Graham will high five you until his hand is officially crippled. Drink up, Lefty.

June 14th 2008
105 Eldridge Street
b/w Broome and Grand

Your Friends @ Pirate! and The Syndicate

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