Monday, May 19, 2008

The tour Continues!

Hello there friend! Thank you for reading. This weekend I was in Boston for the Red Sox Vs. Brewers. We were going to go to a game on Friday and Saturday but Friday nights game got rained out so we had the special treat of a double header on Saturday! I had never been to a double header so I was very excited. 18 innings of baseball 14 innings of drinking. Its a tough feat. My friend chuck was in town and we swept the doubleheader so it was a glorious day! 

Sunday I watched the Celtics beat the "never desperate" Cav's from Cleveland.  Then I caught up on Lost and the Office and
 now its 2 days in the office before I take off to Seattle!  I will be visiting with my sister, aunt and grandfather before heading down to SASQUATCH!   Then its back to Seattle for Some baseball before heading back here!  

Its less than a month until Flag Day so get yourself a plane ticket and we will see you in New York for June 14th! 

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