Monday, May 12, 2008

He don't grow trees, he grows roots. He grows roots, he grows roots, he grows roots.

If you have listened at all to the new album from Tim Fite then you know thats from the first song.  The new record Fair Ain't Fair is a fantastic Anti-folk/country/ punk romp taking you in every direction possible. I went to see Tim on Saturday night and had planed on recording some video to share with you but I was quickly shut down but thats what you tube is for and here are some gems for you to check out! 

I was going to post more but just search for Tim Fite on Youtube and there are a bunch.
This weekend was also full of a lot of running and i wanted to see how long it would take me to bike to work if i want to do that in the future It says here on google maps its 9miles and should take 22 min. It took me about 39 min so not too bad... scary at times but still fun
So yeah that was the weekend good times! This week I see Tegan and sara tonight along with An Horse and The Black Keys later this week and then off to Boston! !!!! 

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