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A semi exciting week here in the dog days of summer. We had a pretty good race for #1 between Hot Chip and Thee oh Sees. It was neck and neck for a while and Hot chip had a few more stations. My Morning Jacket, Alabama Shakes and Unknown Mortal Orchestra were all in contention throughout. In the end Thee Oh sees came up on top and with no new contenders over the last several weeks I expect a battle between Hot Chip, Thee Oh Sees and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. You could even seen My Morning Jacket make a return to the top.

The summer can be pretty difficult to navigate as only 147 stations have reported each of the last 4 weeks and overall there have been 274.  We hit 233 this week and thats above the average we have been hitting. I would hesitate to call it a trend though.

Looking at the adds we have not had a record get anywhere near 100 for the last 3 weeks in a row. So that leads to a lack of real contenders for #1 Sharon Van Etten made top 10 this week but making a run at #1 seems a long shot. Last weeks number one most added Pins had the top debut at #38 but remember when those debuts were happening the week they went for adds and propelling the records to a top 15 debut? Maybe under 100 is the new normal for the summer and we might see one of these make a run but I would bet that 100 or close to is a magic number for predicting #1 records. This weeks #1 most added was Mates of State and I imagine they will do just as well as the last few that did not break 100.

While I was looking at the numbers this week between Thee Oh Sees and Hot Chip one of the first things i look at is how many #1's each record has.  I am never really sure how much of a predictor that is for being #1 but I always like to think that if a station has an overwhelming amount more #1's in their pocket they should come out on top. Now this is not always true as you could have all your #1's come from really small stations. And maybe one day we can look at the history of #'1s and how many number ones on average they have .. but not quite yet. So while looking I saw that Thee Oh sees did have a significant amount more #1s than Hot Chip.  I went ahead and looked up every record in the top 10



THEE OH SEESMutilator Defeated At LastCastle Face

HOT CHIPWhy Make Sense?Domino

MY MORNING JACKETThe WaterfallCapitol



BEST COASTCalifornia NightsHarvest

BLURThe Magic WhipWarner Brothers

DJANGO DJANGOBorn Under SaturnRibbon

GIRLPOOLBefore The World Was BigWichita

SHARON VAN ETTEN I Don't Want To Let You Down [EP]Jagjaguwar

So of course I found that very interesting... and had to keep looking... Like what was the highest charting record with NO #1's

Well I did not have to go far as it was #11's Surfer Blood 

The lowest charting record with the most #'1s 

Well Jamie XX at #15 had 8 #'1s 

Twenty One Pilots at #23 had 6 #1's 

What I really wanted to know is how many #1 records there were this week. I thought maybe there would be 50 maybe 75 as there are often stations that have random records at #1 that no other station charts.  What I found was pretty interesting. 
For this weeks charts with 233 reporters there were 115 different #1 records. 

26 of those #'1s would be that records only reporter 
In looking over a lot of these #'1s I have to imagine a lot of them are local bands the station is trying to promote or help out.  

The lowest charting record with a station charting them at #1? Rhett Miller at #195 had one station with them at #1 

But the names of records charted at #1 is pretty fantastic. 

Some station is still charting the last Smashing Pumpkins record... and of course it is at #1
Blues Traveler has a station with them at #1 
Stone Sour 
Between the Buried and me 
Veruca Salt 

While looking over the #'1s I did find it odd to see how many stations were charting singles.  In doing a search for singles over the CMJ playlists I pull up 212 singles being charted, that only leads to 3 singles being charted in the top 200, but those 3 only account for 42 of those 212 singles.  I have always been told and have thought of CMJ as an Album based format. However maybe this is changing? Or maybe this is not actually the case.  I did a few searches and found nothing saying CMJ is album based so perhaps it is a creation of the promoters?  

Would it be useful to have a singles and also an album chart? I don't know. I like believing CMJ is an Album based format because that is what I am used to and no single has ever gone to #1, as far as I know.  

Back to my original thought though, 115 different #1 records. So while there does seem to be a lot of parity at college radio it is interesting that a lot of stations do not mind using their #1 spot to promote something they really are into and I have no argument against that. 

Thank you for reading! 

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