Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Welcome back everyone. I hope that if you were at the CMJ music festival you had a great time. I had a great time meeting up with a lot of MD's and hanging out with all the promoters in town.

The chart the week after CMJ is a crapshoot. You have all these MD's that were away coming back to PILES of records and feeling a bit overwhelmed with that plus school work and you have promoters that had little to no time to call anyone the week before.  As expected I did see a lot of Did Not Reports come through this week. Funny enough though they were from stations that were not at CMJ. I would say most of the stations that were at CMJ actually did report this week.  Just thought that was a funny observation.

We had another add week where no one record stood out from the pack. A lot like the last report when Kindness came in at #1 most added with only 69 adds. ( Kindness did have a pretty decent debut though at #53) This week Cold War Kids came in at #1 most added with 78 adds. I am sure CWK will do fine but the past has shown that most contenders have to break that 100 add mark.   But not every week is going to produce a record that will have a shot at #1 and a lot of those weeks you see a lowish #1 and a highish #20.

On to the charts! King Tuff keeps #1 and early on it looked like Caribou or Foxygen would also contend but in the end it was not very close. I think next week with promoters having a full week of work and stations having a full week of catching up that all three of those records should have a chance at #1.  

11215KING TUFFBlack Moon SpellSUB POP
244823CARIBOUOur LoveMerge
351434FOXYGENAnd Star PowerJagjaguwar

Caribou being the newest record at radio I think has the best shot but Foxygen was not too far behind and it is all together possible that King Tuff can hold on to the top spot for another week. 

Flying Lotus made a nice jump into the top five but the chances of that moving ahead of the others is pretty slim. 

It is hard to believe that there are only 6 more reporting weeks of the year! How many more #1's will we have? 

What were your highlights/ lowlights of CMJ? Lets talk about all of that on the twitter 

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