Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Well it is here! The last reports before CMJ!!! I am pretty excited for CMJ week and hopefully we can meet up at the Pirate! CMJ party! Or any other party just hit me up on Twitter and we can make plans!

This week we finally saw the fall of Ty Segall from the #1 spot. What a run though! Has to be in contention for biggest record of the year. As expected it was King Tuff that took over the #1 spot with just under 70% of the stations charting.  This sets up what should be a fun few weeks on the chart.  As we have a bunch of records that have put themselves in position to contend.

12514KING TUFFBlack Moon SpellSUB POP
21118TY SEGALLManipulatorDrag City
337313ALT-JThis Is All YoursCanvasback-Atlantic
448-42CARIBOUOur LoveMerge
51411353FOXYGENAnd Star PowerJagjaguwar

This top five should be rather volatile over the next few weeks. I could of included some of the next group as well 
680-62FLYING LOTUSYou're DeadWarp
781974APHEX TWINSyroWarp
92616593EX HEXRipsMerge
but really think top five will be the ceiling for these records.  Foxygen made a nice move into the top 5 but Caribou has the added push of 2 indies on board and being a week younger, it will be tough for Foxygen to pull past Caribou.  Alt-J I feel is out performing what I thought it would and while I doubt it has the momentum to take #1 it is worth keeping an eye on.  

We have 7 more reporting weeks after this CMJ break. My guess is that King Tuff holds for another week before Caribou takes over. After that its anyones guess. 

The ADDS this week were not much to look at. Anytime you see a record get #1 most added with under 100 adds you know its an underwhelming  week. To have the #1 most added record get only 69 adds... ooof.. none of these records will be contenders for the top of the chart. 

See you at CMJ!!!! 

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