Wednesday, April 09, 2014


It seems like only a few weeks ago that there was real danger of Real Estate not somehow getting to number one. With Beck firmly planted at the top and St. Vincent charging past there was some real worry that they would be blocked out. That all seems very silly to think now with the last 2 weeks being FIRMLY planted at the top.  Right now its Real Estate and the next record a good 50 stations behind, that would be War on Drugs at #2.  Then last weeks big adds Mac Demarco and Cloud Nothings come in at 4 and 5.  Also charging up the charts we have Liars and Tycho.

War on Drugs has steadily moved up the charts over the past few weeks putting itself in a real position to challenge for that #1 spot next week.  The window is tight with so many records charging up and with Real Estate seemingly getting stronger.  I wanted to take a look at how some of these records could make a move to get to #1 and what would it take.  Most of the time this simply centers around gaining more CORE stations.  

For those of you that are new to this a CORE station is a bigger station has more influence in the community( allegedly) and therefore has more influence on the chart. 6 is the highest of the CORE stations and there are also 5's and 4's .  The rest of the stations are ranked 3, 2 and 1 . The higher the number the more influence the station has on the chart. ( It should be noted these rankings do not impact the ADDS chart at all.)

So normally to get to #1 you simply need more core.  In looking at Real Estate vs War on Drugs the Core Seems to be very even with WOD having 62 to Real Estates 60 over all Core. So you would think that they would have an excellent chance at overtaking Real Estate next week.  That was until i looked at the Code 3 stations. According to my Database there are 118 code 3 stations that have reported this year, and in any given week that number hovers around the low 90's.  This past week Real Estate had 73 of them reporting the record!  THATS INSANE  That is close to 80% of all code 3's reporting the record! In contrast War on Drugs had a very good 59 of the 3's but man thats a lot of 3's when we are talking about most of these stations having very similar charts.

Now I do doubt that any record will easily approach the 70+ area for 3's but I also don't think that Real Estate will stay up that high, giving hope to those challenging for next week.

Real Estate was an easy call for #1 this past week and I really thought the same was to be said about ADDS.  I thought for sure Afghan Whigs would run away with the top ADD spot. It really seemed like most of the day Monday and Tuesday that would be the case but when the charts came out. Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks took the #1 ADD spot by 3 ADDS!  I did not see that coming. I was also surprised when they both debuted around the same spot on the chart with Avey Tare being one spot ahead of Afghan Whigs.  Could it be like last weeks Cloud Nothings and Mac Demarco? Perhaps.  Will be fun to watch.

Should be a fun few weeks to end the spring! What records do you think end up at #1? Let's talk about it on twitter @theanimalarrg.

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