Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Does history matter at college radio?  I know it matters for me both negatively and positively. I can't tell you the number of times I have been hired on a record because I worked them in the past or I worked a band members former project. On the other hand the same goes for the amount of projects I have no chance on because some company 10 years ago worked an EP of the roadie.  It cuts both ways and it is frustrating. I mean there are so many of us we all fight over every single record so sometimes to comes down to who has the "history" I can argue both ways. It does matter because I helped build the fan base of band X from 20  to now 200.  I can also say well company X reached as high as they can with that, WE are the ones that are passionate about the band give us a chance.  There is no right answer, just pointing out how it goes for us.    I feel in general history should count for something.

I feel that way for stations too.  I think it should matter if a station has helped build a band up over many years that they should celebrate being part of that bands success by continuing to play them.  I remember this one really big station a couple years ago decided they were not going to play a band of ours. But they had played EVERY record the band had put out and had been a part of helping to build this band at college radio.  The MD said at the time, oh no one here likes them anymore. That usually translates to I don't like them.  It was hard because that band was only a few stations away from getting a #1 record.  I still blame that station, although there were plenty of stations that did not play the record, and there always are.   What also cracks me up is that that station played the NEXT record from them and the reason the NEW MD said they were is because of the history they have with the band!  Should history mean you have to play a bands new crappy record if it is in fact a crappy record? No I don't think so but I think history should mean a bit more than it does at some stations.

On to this weeks charts!  So apparently you guys like Mac Demarco.  Real Estate is knocked out of number one despite having over 30 more stations. Mac had far more #'1s and a lot more core.
Last weeks top ADDS Avey Tare and Afghan Whigs made very different debuts. I don't understand why Afghan Whigs is lagging so far behind at this point. A few months ago I would of bet 200 bucks that it would go #1 no problem, I mean its Afghan Whigs! Now I am not so sure, I think it will do well, top 10 top 5 even but #1 is a long shot. At the same time a few years ago I would of bet several thousand dollars that if the Pixies ever put out a new record it would be #1 for 100 weeks. More on that later, but Afghan Whigs came in at 22 and Avey Tare come in at #12 I would of anticipated the opposite. Will be interesting to watch.

We still have a lot of OLD records clogging up the top 10, 5 of the top 10 have been on the top 200 for 7 weeks or more. St Vincent NINE weeks, Beck 8 weeks. eventually I think radio will tire of these and let some new blood up there.  Future Islands is some new blood in the top 10 in week 4 on the charts but every other record in the top 10 was in the top 10 last week.

Adds this week saw Wye Oak coming in at #1 with 130 adds and the Pixies coming in at 95. I know Pitchfork hates the new Pixies so I guess that means radio does too? I would think that Pixies record would get played just on curiosity alone, maybe the EP's hurt the add week? I don't know but I just think everyone would at least check out the new Pixies.

Will either of these challenge for #1? No idea. Our window of consistent charting is closing fast. I heard from a bunch of stations this week already telling me when they are going off for the summer. It looks like we should have another solid month so anything could happen in these 4 weeks.  I would not be shocked if Mac Just stayed there forever, but I said that with Real Estate so who knows.

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