Sunday, March 22, 2009

SXSW...It keeps going ..and going and going

Where does the time go! I honestly have no Idea. A lot has gone on since I last posted but lets stick with my most recent awesomeness and thats SXSW in lovely Austin, TX!   I got in on March 14th, and it seems like a month ago.  So lets recap as much as I can! 

I ate a LOT and I mean a lot of BBQ for those of you heading down there soon check out County line, its a bit outside of the city ( by bit i mean 10-15 min drive..maybe a bit longer) but it is soooo worth it!   I had Brunch THREE TIMES... for those of you that have not accepted it as fact BRUNCH IS THE BEST MEAL OF THE DAY!!!  I had Brunch at the Iron Cactus, it was good.. a lot of food of course and everything was very fresh.   Then I had Brunch at the 4 seasons, pretty much the best bacon you will ever eat and then pretty much the best Brunch of them all was Moonshine! OH my lord white chocolate bread pudding... I don't think I need to say anymore.  

Aside from the food I spent a lot of time outside and the weather could not of been better I think it was 72 and sunny ( mathmaticly proven as the perfect temperature ) every single day. If only I could of played tennis as well it would of been perfect!  

And of course I saw A lot of bands and here are all of them: 
(if you are looking for highlights the best bands I saw all week were  Silversun Pickups, Decemberists, Matches, An Horse and Dillinger Four)   If you want to know the worst bands you will have to ask I am sure they don't mean to be the way they are.
But here is the master list:  


Loney, dear
Drink up buttercup
Hot panda
Deer tick
garotas suezas
Vivian girls
Human highway
An horse

Blue eyed blacks
An horse
Say hi
Mason proper
Mean creek
Jessica lea mayfield
Jason lytle
Handsome furs


Bishop allen
MAE shi
Gent reg
Golden boots
Ace Enders
Here we go magic
Mumford and sons

ViviAn girls
Gil mantera party dream.
HolleradoSay hi
silversun pickups
Bedowin soundclash

I think that about covers everything! Thank you for reading and I will try and post more! 

OH and I got to hang out with KENNY POWERS!  
(if you have not watched this show it really does grow on you) 

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