Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Thank you for all the emails about last week's post! Glad you guys dug it. I am more than happy to share any stories of bad promoting if you have them as well. Let's keep everyone honest!

 So I guess I was wrong about Deerhunter. I really thought after last weeks move from #12 to #4 that it would slide back down but no it keeps charging ahead. Powered mostly by large stations and high chart numbers. If there were still a CORE chart I bet it would be #1.  Neon Indian also busts into the top 5 and Chvrches slides out of the top spot after only 2 weeks.

Some of the more interesting things on the chart though for me are the 2 Beach House records. The new one is at #10 and the old former #1 is at #15. I have no idea what is going to happen here. I guess at this point there are too many stations playing both to take one out of the system so will the old one hold back the new one?

I spend a lot of time talking about the top of the chart because getting #1 is the goal but another goal is longevity on the charts.  So lets take a look at some of the longest running records out there.

At the top we have Twenty One Pilots. 24 weeks on the top 200 at this point!

They are currently at #168 and peaked at #13. Most of the stations charting the record have charts littered with older records. One of these stations is even charting the first Weezer record. In 2015. Drives me crazy but what can you do.  I might just go for adds on the Beach Boys Pet sounds next week because ... why not.   Anyways so 24 weeks on the chart thats a LONG time. That means this record went for adds 6 months ago.

Does your station have a cut off for how long a record can be played. I know some out there do. My old station we had an 8 week rotation. Sometimes shorter during the busy time of year.  Even then I was tired of some of the "new stuff" after two months. I would be curious to hear thoughts from the stations out there. Should there be a limit or should it just be up to the stations. I would be in favor of a limit at say 12 weeks. Three months is way more than generous.

Something I have not done in a while is take a look at the last record on the charts.

This week we have Dave Rawlings Machine. They peaked at #150 and have had 3 weeks on the chart. They are currently at #200 with .02% of the stations.  So they have a a bit to go for #1.

Adds this week were a run away with Grimes the only one with over 100 adds. This seems like such a college radio record I would be shocked if it did not get #1 Kind of perfect timing as well. All the records currently in the top 10 should be dying down by the time this makes it up there. So if Grimes does not make #1 by the end of the year I would say it easily gets it at the start of next year.

Ok lets talk on twitter. Thanks for reading!

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