Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Welcome back everyone. If you were at the CMJ marathon I hope you had a great time. I hope we got to meet up as well. If you were not at CMJ I hope you had a nice break from us promoters.

One thing I have always wondered about the CMJ break is how stations deal with it. Do those spins just disappear? Do you combine them with the next week. Seems like there should be some ground rules given by CMJ in this area but as far as I know there are none.  I would be curious to hear what you do at your station.  I think I would combine the 2 weeks into one.

It is always hard to tell what will happen the week after CMJ, aside from knowing that Beach House will be #1. Last reporting week we had a handful of HUGE adds in Wavves, New Order, Protomartyr and Chvrches if there was a chart last week where do you think they would of been? I think they would look a lot like this weeks so I am leaning towards thinking last week just did not exist at all.

Last reporting week we also had one of our largest reporting weeks since the Spring with 282 reporters and it looked like we were close to cracking that 300 station barrier. Now I am not sure if we would of or not but CMJ had a bit of a breakdown this week sometime around 1pm and did not come back to functionality until early this morning. As a result there were only 235 reporters.  Last years week 41 we had 288 reporters as a comparison.  235 reporters this time of year is pretty ridiculous but it seems to becoming the new new normal.  While the overall number of reporting stations in 2015 is only down by 10 the volume per week seems to be way down.

In 2014 the average number of stations to this point in the year was 260 stations a week.

In 2015 the average number of stations per week is 240.

So 20 less stations are reporting a week on average. It is pretty weird that the overall number of stations is still around the same but that the number choosing to submit charts is down that much.

If you did not report this week or you don't report regularly I would love to know why.

Because CMJ was down a significant amount of time it is hard for me to really look at these charts without thinking what could of been. Chvrches and Beach House are the only 2 records with over 100 stations and everyone from 3-16 are in the 76-85 station range.  So its pretty easy to say that one big station reporting would of made a huge impact on the chart.  Next week it will be interesting to see if which of these records start to stand out.

Neon Indian took #1 most added but with the firepower that is out there now I don't expect any run to the top for them.

We have 7 more reporting weeks left in the year.  What do you think will happen?

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