Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Hey there friends. This is one of those weird weeks where a lot of kids are on spring break, a lot of promoters are off to SXSW and its just a lot going on.

I am on the road right now as well but just wanted to write a small post this week letting you know some of the things I have been thinking about.  The weight of stations seems to have struck a nerve with some people and I would love to look more into that over the next few weeks. Like what makes a 1 a 1 or a 5 a 5.

As far as the charts go this week Twin Shadow took #1 most added. It is weird to me only because the record I saw mentioned the most out there was Tobias Jesso Jr. and that only came in at #10 most added.  It will be neat to look back in a few weeks and see what from this ADD class ends up charting higher. I might take Tobias Jesso Jr. over Twin Shadow, Wand or Swervedriver.  Hopefully I remember to look back.

Father John Misty took #1 again with Dan Deacon and Jose Gonzalez close behind and Purity Ring creeping on up.  Reminds me a lot of the last few weeks when Decemberists were trapped behind Sleater-Kinney. Dan Deacon looks trapped in a similar situation where Purity Ring is in the best position to make a jump over both Dan and Jose. I would have more faith in any of this if there were not a lot of spring breaks right now.

Who you guys got in the NCAA tournament?  I thought about doing a bracket for the top college only radio stations but there are always to many brackets this time of year so maybe later, if thats something that you think would be fun let me know.

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