Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Things are starting to get more interesting out there in college radio land.

First off if you missed it and have any confusion over ADDS check out last weeks post to hopefully give you some guidance.  Over the next few weeks hopefully we can tackle something new about being a better MD. Not for us promoters but for your station. I am sure a lot of you know but maybe some of you don't, the more consistent you are as a music director the more music you are going to get.  For example there are stations out there that ADD the wrong records every single week. They are not high on my list to send records to whereas some there are some stations where I get maybe one ADD every 2 months but they have a method and I know every week I have a chance so I send them more.

One thing I saw a few promoters joke/ talk about this week was concert tickets.  One thing that always surprises me is are the music directors that do not ask for anything for the 2+ years they are at the station and then all of a sudden ask for tickets to shows because they just realized they could.  My advice to everyone is to ask for everything. There is no harm in asking. Even when I get a request from a station that I may not have the best relationship with, I put the request in and maybe that helps down the line.   With all that said there are some simple rules when it comes to asking for tickets to a show.

Don't ask for tickets the day before a show. This is just annoying.

Don't ask for tickets for a band you just passed on.  Why would I help you go see a band that you are not playing. This makes no sense to me. But I get this request so often.

Don't request to be taken off my email list and then ask for tickets to a sold out show.  I should not have to say more. You can't be serious.

On to this weeks chart!

We had a great ADD week this week. One of the ones where if you are not involved in one of the top spots it is a lot of fun to watch, but if you are involved it is really stressful. Jose Gonzalez and Father John Misty battled back and forth, most of the time staying within one or 2 ADDS. In the end Father John Misty came out on top by 10 adds.  It should be interesting to watch as these records will shoot up the charts rather quickly. Father John Misty is already at #32 on the charts and Jose Gonzalez at #65.

Sleater-Kinney is at #1 yet again but it is a LOT closer than I thought it would be at this point.   There is just a 19 station gap between them and The Decemberists.  I would look for these 2 to battle pretty hard for the next week and maybe even longer.  Coming up behind them we might see a challenge from Bjork but she has been slow to move up the charts for whatever reason. With all the pre album hype I thought she would be up in the top five by now. I am sure there are factors but I expected Bjork to challenge for the top and she is at least 3 weeks away from getting up there.

Last weeks #1 add A Place To Bury Strangers is your number one debut coming in at #18, the ceiling on this one looks to be top 5.

I think next week we see the same top 2 but then a lot of movement within the rest of the top 10. There are a lot of 2-3 week old records that have shots at top 5 if they take them now but could just be jumped if they don't move up quickly enough.

I am not sure of all of the ADDS for next week but Screaming Females looks to be a big one along with Dan Deacon. This time of year we do not lack in big names thats for sure.

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