Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Just like that, we have a new #1 record. Welcome to the party Youth Lagoon.  I mentioned last week I saw them having the best shot to make a run for #1 and just like that they did. I thought Nick Cave had a shot at retaining #1. But really in looking at the big picture they look lucky to have squeezed into that window. Last weeks 45% of the stations was awfully low for a #1 and you like to see the #1 record have at least half of the stations at radio. Youth Lagoon did that this week getting up to 51% of the stations. While Nick Cave went down to 45% from last weeks high of 48%.  

We are finally starting to see some of the old records that have been clogging the top 10 for the last 6+ weeks fall out. Tegan and sara is on the way out, Local Natives, Unknown Mortal orchestra, and Foxygen should all vacate the top 10 next week.  STRFKR I thought would be a contender but is already on its downward trend.   Last weeks top add Devendra Banhart has a small window to take it next week as they move within one of the top 10. David Bowie falls back a little bit from the pace of Devendra coming in at 15.   Even though its only a few spots back I have little faith in Bowie making a run for #1 and the chances for Devendra at about 40%.  I think Youth Lagoon hangs on for another week though as the only immediate challenge could come from The Men but amazingly enough they went up 4 spots but LOST stations!  So crazy when that happens.  

What intriques me the most right now are the records that just went for adds this week.  WAVVES was your #2 most added with 105 adds and Strokes take #1 with 106 adds. Both of these should be contenders for #1.   So as of today we have 6 records that will battle for the top spot over the next few weeks. 

YOUTH LAGOON has the best shot to retain the spot 

you could also make arguments for  either  PHOSPHORESCENT or LOW. 
LOW has a LONG way to go and by that time there will be another 3-5 records in the mix for #1 so 
I just don't see how they do it. PHOSPHORESCENT is interesting to me because they had a really nice jump in stations this week that don't really reflect the overall jump on the charts.  As I mentioned I do think Youth Lagoon holds on for another week but then most of these records jump into the top 10. 

While I have only mentioned Wavves and The Strokes from adds this past week I think it would be foolish to overlook Born Ruffians and Telekinesis only because of their history at radio and how tough of an ADD week it was. I talked to a lot of stations this week that told me their favorite adds of the week were those 2 records.  The most talked about this week was the new Wavves and thats why i was surprised that it did not get the #1 ADD spot. I won't be shocked though when Wavves gets to #1 and The Strokes never do.  One thing The strokes have that Wavves to not is 2 indies. I have been working to quantify how much an indie is worth to a record vs no indie or two indies. Still a while away from that but watching how this plays out will give us a good idea on the impact. 

This weeks #1 debut of the week was Black Angles at #28. The biggest move of the week comes from the previously mentioned LOW with a nice 80 spot jump. We had 29 debuts this week closer to the normal we have seen to start the year.  

Thanks for reading, should be fun once everyone is back from spring breaks and we have a legit 10 records in the top 10 that could be #1 soon.   Be sure to follow me on twitter @theanimalarrg  and hit me up if you have any questions, comments, corrections or suggestions. 

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