Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello friends. Two years ago I sold my first painting to a friend. Last year I sold three to someone I did not know and have since set up an ETSY account to sell more paintings.

Today I have added a CUSTOM PAINTING option. I did this last year for a friend and it turned out really well. Here is how it works

Tell me what size you want it to be on etsy the only option is 12 x 20. The cost on ETSY is 50$ for a custom painting of that size, if you want a different size just let me know and we can talk about price.

Tell me what song lyric or line from a book you want me to use. If you want to tell me anything about why you picked that one that works well.

If you want you can tell me what colors you want or where you would be putting it. I will take it from there.

I look forward to painting for you!!!

Hit me up on twitter @paintismybitch !

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