Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I am still a Baseball fan.

You knew it was coming. I did at least. And it's not over by a long shot. I am talking about the whole Steroids "era" that has been clouding baseball over the last 10+ years. But I am tired of it, in fact I stopped caring about it a long time ago. BUT IT WONT GO AWAY

Enough is Enough.

Baseball players did/do Performance enhancing drugs. Why does it matter so much when its safe to say football players do all the time. I am willing to bet basketball and hockey players take drugs. GASP Shocking I know. The point is really I am tired of this FAKE outrage towards baseball. Chances are your favorite player did drugs, but does that make his base hit / strike out any less awesome. NO. But I suppose it does give someone with nothing better to write about something to write about.

In 1994 , after the strike, baseball had to make a big comeback. Everyone was PISSED off that everyone just quit on the game. So there was no World Weries and there was a lot of work to be done to get the game back to where it once was.

We famously had the home run chase between Mark Mcgwire and Sammy Sosa. Do you seriously think no one knew they were on something? Come on. There was too much money to be made by journalists. "oh look everyone baseball is awesome" "home runs are fantastic" "OH the game is back!"
And now all these holier than thou reporters need to move units again by tearing down the sport they pretend to love. Those that were yelling Home runs are awesome are now screaming that drugs are bad and anyone that does drugs should be suspended. They do this on the pretense that its for the fan . But the fan's do not care. When I listen to talk radio or read sports blogs I hear the "fan" chime in and ask why people are still talking about this. They really do not care that much about the PED's. This is so obvious by just looking at Manny in LA. Everyone there LOVES him SOOOOO much. They could care less he got caught taking drugs. Many other cases could be made, attendance was projected to be down because of the economy. However if people really did care that much, wouldn't they just stop watching?
The only people that seem to care are the talking heads on the radio and TV.

Well I for one am bored with all the steroid talk. Can we move along? I doubt we can. I mean if the media can't even see that Ricky Henderson should of been voted in to the hall of fame by 100% of baseball writers ( along with a lot of other players I am sure) Then how can they see that this story is getting old.

Ok I am done ranting for now

Here is a good article that is most likely a lot better written than mine.


Anonymous said...

Good read...thanks. I may have to (gulp) stop by more often and read your stuff.

Did you see Abbotts won 2009 Maxim Magazine for Best Lobster Roll in the US? If they only knew!!!

Bill Glenney

iceage6500 said...

you really are a fucking idiot


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